Let the emotions speak: at the official presentation of the Giro

News · 6 May, 2021

Giro d’Italia 2021
From 8 to 30 May

This time it’s the emotions that speak, the shivers under the skin, the bright eyes. In front of the guys from EOLO-KOMETA who take the stage for the official presentation of the Giro d’Italia in a wonderful setting, the most beautiful thoughts do the talking: thoughts that go back in time, to the years when this was just a crazy dream, to the years when the other teams went on stage and we could only envy them.

What speaks are the silences. The silences of Ivan Basso and Fran Contador, on the sidelines while their riders were presented and with nothing to say because there was no need to say anything: just look at each other, for a moment, and live the beauty of the moment.

Pride does the talking. That of Luca Spada, sincerely impressed by what was happening around him, to the point of whispering… “Everything happened so fast that it almost doesn’t seem true”.

What speaks is the desire to be there. From those who are at the Giro for the first time to those who, like Stefano Zanatta, have done twenty-eight Giro but have the same enthusiasm as a beginner. From the eight riders that from Saturday will be the protagonists up to those who could see the presentation on TV or on the phone because in the meantime they had to work in the hotel: to arrange the bikes, to organize the dinner, to prepare the day of tomorrow.

Being at the start of the Giro d’Italia is a point of arrival, but also a point of departure. From Saturday on, the race will start and everyone will do everything possible to deserve to be here: we will struggle, we will smile, we will get angry, maybe we will even celebrate the results we have achieved.

In the meantime, however, it’s nice to stop for a moment. We’re at the Giro: and we like to think that for this team this is the first of many Giro d’Italia that will follow, because the most beautiful stories are those that never end.

And this story has just begun.

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