One of the greatest and most wonderful peculiarities of road cycling is the scenery where it takes place. An itinerant scenery, in the open air, where as soon as the sun burns as the rain and the cold numb you and bend you. To the management of the inherent hardness of the proposed routes are added the climatic conditions. In high competition cycling it is essential to have the best technical support to deal with all the particularities, more or less adverse, that this one proposes. Because every moment is unique and no two days are the same. In order to compete in the best conditions in water and cold conditions, the firm veloToze and the Alberto Contador Foundation have reached an agreement to unite their paths, a union that was contemplated during the recent Memorial Valenciaga in Eibar.

Driven by a group of practitioners of this sport, with brothers Joe and Danny Feng, Nick Kersmarki, Kristine Weeks and Adrian Tamblin at the front, veloToze is a U.S. brand whose raison d’être are adverse weather conditions. It is a young brand, barely five years old, but its high specialization has allowed it to become a leading firm in the world given the quality and finish of its products. Although they manufacture different accessories against the rain, their latex boots are the essential products of this agreement that covers all the sports structures of the Alberto Contador Foundation, from juniors to continentals and sub23. Comfort, flexibility and isolation in the face of high competition.

“I don’t have all the time we’d like to ride a bicycle. The obligations, commitments and activities of the different plots of the Foundation are many, fortunately, but at the same time they don’t leave much time to be able to ride a bicycle, which is what I like the most. That’s why when the slightest possibility arises, you have to take advantage of it and adverse weather can’t be an excuse for not doing so. In recent times I have had the opportunity to try some of the veloToze products and the truth is that it was a very pleasant experience,” explains Fran Contador, general manager of the Fundación Alberto Contador, about his approach to veloToze and the genesis of this agreement.

“I knew the brand, it is a young brand, but at the same time a leader, with a growing prestige in the world of the bicycle, that personal experience so positive encouraged us to seek some synergy with them.  The feedback from the riders, who have been testing their material and even some of them had done it before, has been very positive. We are delighted with this support. At the end of the high competition the best equipment is also a plus. And more so in a sport like cycling, which takes place outdoors and in the most varied weather conditions”.

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