37ª Clásica Premundial de Beasain
Beasain-Beasain (122.5 km)

Manuel Jesús Carrellán, Iván Oliver, Álex Martín, Carlos Rodríguez, Miguel Patiño and the Portuguese Daniel Lopes are the six riders chosen by the technical staff of the Alberto Contador Foundation to represent the Polartec-Kometa junior in a new edition of the Clásica Premundial de Beasain, which will be held on Saturday 1 September. The Beasain Proba, organised by the Loinaz Cycling Society, has reached its 37th edition this year. A guarismo that makes it one of the oldest events in the category.

“It’s a veteran race, a benchmark at this stage of the season with a maximum level of organisation. It must be highlighted for being the last great classic before the Spanish Championships, for its great tradition and, above all, for the volume and quality of the participants.  It can be similar to what would be a Spanish championship, because they are the best, because it is a selective race and because the most representative riders of the category will be ahead”, explains Félix García Casas, sports manager of the teams of a Contador Foundation that has obtained in the past good results here, as the second place of the Spaniard Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, today in the continental team, back in 2014.

The Beasain Proba has a complex and difficult route through the passes of Altzo (km 29), Olaberria (86.5 km), Mandubia (105.1 km) and again Olaberria (116.3 km). A demanding final part where the public is usually in large amongs

From the sextet with which Guillermo Gutiérrez’s directed team travels, he arrives with a good pedal hit by Iván Oliver. The Spaniard has just competed in the first edition of the Challenge Vuelta a las Comarcas, in whose second race (the Memorial Pedro García Ruiz de Beniel) the regional title of his category was elucidated. He was the only member of the Polartec-Kometa in competition. “It was the return from home, the coach asked me to run it and since the second day was already the regional championship, I finished it,” he said. The runner from Cieza, runner-up in Murcia, finished seventh overall in this race.

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