69º Gran Premio Colli Rovescalesi
Rovescala – Rovescala (155,7 km)

The Italian Nicolo’ Buratti won this Sunday in a 69th edition of the Gran Premio Colli Rovescalesi in which the U23 structure of the Contador Foundation was active in the first third of the race, but could not be represented in its resolution. Andrea Montoli would be the first rider at the finish line in Rovescala, which was reached after a climb that, lap by lap, provoked a great selection.

Several attempts were made by the blue riders to catch the good breakaway and ride in the vanguard, although in the end it was a quartet that managed to distance itself from the big group and ride with an advantage of close to three minutes. With the advent of the second and final circuit, with four laps to go, the race regrouped and new attacks returned.

At the penultimate crossing of the finish line, and the start of the final lap, eleven riders were slightly ahead of a larger chasing group, 17″ apart, and another small group in which Andrea Montoli was already 29″ behind. Buratti finally won ahead of Sergio Meris (Colpack) and a very offensive Francesco Busatto (General Store).

“Racing in Italy is always a blast. The pace is very high and the tension in the race is higher than in Spain and that makes the races more exciting”, said Antonio González from Soria. “I tried to get into a cut, but none of the attempts came to nothing and from then on I focused on helping my team-mates at the front of the peloton until my legs said ‘enough’. Now, let’s go for more”.

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