28º Memorial Polese
Cimadolmo  – Santa María del Piave (157,8 km)

The Memorial Polese came true and the finish in Santa Maria del Piave was resolved with a volley in which the fastest rider was the Colombian Nicolás Gómez Jaramillo (Colpack), with Gabriele Raccagni crossing the finish line in the top twenty (20º). Arnau Gilabert finished 26th; David Domínguez, 32nd, Edoardo Alleva, 38th.

The Memorial Polese was ridden at a very high pace, something that could already be sensed when the first hour was ridden at 44 km/h (more than 45,1 km/h at the end). Beyond a breakaway of three riders that managed the first flat circuit, both Arnau Gilabert and Davide Piganzoli managed to get into a group of 23 riders that went on to lead, with a minute’s advantage, the race during the three laps of the circuit that included the passage through the Colle la Tombola.

This breakaway, however, would end up being swallowed up on the third circuit, again a very flat route, by a group. A definitive regrouping from which the peloton would emerge and in which the U23 team managed to include Oioli, Gilabert, Domínguez, Piganzoli and Alleva.

“The sensations have been very good throughout the day. The team-mates have done a great job, I am very grateful to their effort because they really helped me a lot today. In the sprint we fought to get the best possible position for the finish. In the end it was my first day of U23 competition and I’m very happy with my debut”, says Manuel Oioli.

“It was a very, very nice race, with a very high level. At the end there were more than ten continental teams. We did a great job running all together at the front, Davide and I managed to catch the breakaway and when it was caught we tried to rethink the race to focus on our fastest riders, like Oioli or Racca. It was my first experience in Italy and I’m delighted with both the way of racing and the course. Although the route was not the most suitable for me, but it has been a very good experience for the next commitments”, tells Arnau Gilabert.

“We are satisfied with the way the race went. The team was good throughout the day, they worked very well. They rode very close together in the initial part, they had Davide and Arnau riding in front in the movement that the circuit provided with the climb and they played their trump cards with a view to the final sprint, even though there were several very experienced contenders. We leave with a good taste in our mouths”, said Dario Andriotto, the team’s sports director for the race.


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