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The 2020 season will go down in history as one of the strangest seasons of our beloved sport, a cycling that in its more than one hundred years of existence has had to coexist, beyond the competition itself, with multiple circumstances, events and unforeseen moments; a cycling that has even been slowed down by two World Wars. The coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic, has hit the world of competition hard. Many races have had to be suspended. And the calendar, adapted and readapted on the spot after an initial three months of tests, has been reduced to scarcely four months in which many of the major tests have been held. Although not all of them.

Of course this has not been the best context, it has not been a dream campaign, and for all of us who work for and with this sport it has been a year of great difficulty, of effort, of ties and of adjustments. And an incentive to work even harder, because in times of crisis opportunities also arise. In August we were able to announce the arrival of EOLO as a new main sponsor in the context of a three-season agreement. This is a long-term project where we continue to work hand in hand with KOMETA and, above all, it allows us to make a leap in category. After three campaigns in the continental category, the professional structure of the Contador Foundation takes a step forward to climb up to the ProTeam category.

In short, we are one step below the World Tour. And we face this challenge with the logical desire for a new adventure, the additional motivation of coming from a very rare year and the responsibility of being worthy messengers of the values and trust placed in this project. We are sure that this promotion will allow us to continue training and accompanying new talents in the sport of cycling. If until now many have grown up with us to follow their careers in other structures, we now have the possibility of having a wider calendar, with better races, without them feeling the need to leave. The new EOLO-KOMETA was born as a ProTeam, but it aspires one day to enter the World Tour category.

Our 2021 project, in the most sportive branch, grows qualitatively and quantitatively both in runners and staff. In the social area we will continue to promote the Ictus, stimulating healthy lifestyle habits through the use of the bicycle. And also by distributing donated bicycles among groups and projects through changing the world, as we can also see in such a beautiful project for Bicis para la Vida by ŠKODA. In 2021, through our project IDEMTICOS and the Plaza Eboli Cycling Academy, we want to bring cycling closer to people with functional diversity. And to continue working with young talents from the junior and U23 teams. For the first year in the ProTeam category, there are several objectives, but the results are undoubtedly beginning to have a greater weight. The training of young people is not lost sight of. And as is attributed to Aristotle, virtue is in the middle. The EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team will have a well-balanced team of young people with a great future ahead of them and veterans with extensive experience in the professional field.

A lot of health and a lot of cycling – this is just the beginning!

Alberto Contador


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