Albanese third. And we are proud.

News · 17 May, 2022

And here we are, having to decide whether to be happy or not. Whether to look at the glass half full or half empty. Whether to say that Albanese, with his third place behind Girmay and Van Der Poel actually did half a feat or whether to eat our hands for a narrow victory and yet another Alba placing. But the uncertainty lasts very, very little: and along with the uncertainty goes that hint of anger and disappointment. Because once again EOLO-KOMETA raced great, raced as a great team, raced once again to win and almost succeeded.

Something to be proud of. Very. And along with Albanese’s third place, so did Diego Rosa, who confirmed the climbers’ blue jersey and stood on the podium. Smiling. Happy.

Because EOLO-KOMETA, once again, is making a great Giro d’Italia.

Vincenzo Albanese: “A beautiful stage, really challenging. The first part was easier with that breakaway of three riders with Van Der Poel and Girmay’s teams controlling from behind, the second part quite eventful and at the end there were 30 riders left. I was there, I knew I was among the fastest because it was made a hard race just to eliminate the pure sprinters. In the sprint, Girmay and Van Der Poel are stronger than me, and in the end I brought home this third place which is really good for me.”

📷 Maurizio Borserini

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