Catalan Álex García will be the only rider from the U19 structure to join the U23 project of the Contador Foundation for the 2023 season. “I’m really looking forward to it,” he says. “At the beginning of August Guillermo Gutiérrez told me that Rafa Díaz Justo would call me and soon after he called me to tell me that they were counting on me. It made me happy, especially because being able to continue here was what I wanted most and because the months of July and August were not particularly good for me in the competition”.

“In general, the reading I get from the 2022 season is good, although it is also true that in the two races where I wanted to be better I either couldn’t compete or I didn’t finish to transfer the sensations and the numbers of the training sessions. In the Ruta do Albariño I felt good every day, but in the end a few days later I ended up testing positive for COVID-19 and I couldn’t race in the Vuelta al Besaya. It was a big blow. Afterwards, when I recovered, I was doing well in training, I did a great job in La Cabrera and Los Ancares, but my sensations in the Tour de l’Ain were average”, he says.

García will manage the jump by combining it with his second year of studies in an Electricity Degree where he has classes in the afternoons. “COVID-19 leaves me wondering if I would have had a different level in those specific moments. I don’t know what would have happened and it’s impossible to know. What is certain is that physically before the COVID I was improving, getting better and feeling better. And that all came to a sudden halt”.

The rider from Barcelona with roots in Castilla-León and Galicia is a small rider in terms of height and light in terms of weight. “Now I’m going to find a cycling where there are more mountains and a harder mountain where I think I can develop my profile much more. I’m really looking forward to this adventure. Any specific race? I’ve been following the calendar and the team’s developments closely, but I don’t think I can name a specific race that catches my eye. The first thing is to adapt, work hard and follow the instructions of the directors”.

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