Andrea Montoli’s injury is getting more complicated and his season could be practically over. New medical tests in Italy have shown that the U23 rider has a fracture of the trochleter and a displacement of the glenoid of his right shoulder after suffering an incident with a racing bike during the Trofeu Fira d’Agost in Xátiva.

Montoli will have to undergo surgery to reduce an injury that initially, on the field and in the absence of further diagnostic tests, pointed to a dislocation, although the pain in the movements and the limitation of them did not rule out this injury. “I think I’m going to be out of the bike for at least a week, and right now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to compete again this season,” he said.

Montoli recalls how the events took place: “To avoid a fall that took place among the first twenty of the group and that happened to the right, when I went to avoid it, I went to the left and at that moment a bike was coming quite fast and it touched me and knocked me down. I ended up with a few bumps and a shoulder problem, but fortunately nothing more serious”.

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