Italian Championships

Gentlemen, this is cycling: you have to have the leg, you have to have the head, but you also have to be able to seize the right moment. Especially in a race like the Italian Championships where radios are banned. And unfortunately, the moment was not seized: five of them went away with 40 km to go, taking more than a minute lead, and no one was able to go and catch them again. In the end, raising his arms over the Alberobello finish line was Filippo Zana, who did well to win the sprint from the small group of escapees. Behind, our Albanese who was among the favorites of the eve and won the sprint of the group showing that he has a very good condition.

Stefano Zanatta DS: “In Alba there was a bit of mischief missing, these are things you learn with time: the team worked for 150 km coming back on the first breakaway, but when the five who then arrived at the end went away he should have been there. Then he tried, he tried to disengage from the group but they wouldn’t let him. The fact that he won the bunch sprint still increases the regret: he missed the moment, and unfortunately to win these races you also need a bit of luck.”


Sprint Cycling

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