At the Veneto Classic, the “last dance”

News · 14 October, 2022

Veneto Classic (1.1)
Treviso-Bassano del Grappa (190 km)
Sunday, Oct. 16

Lineup: Erik Fetter, Davide Bais, Francesco Gavazzi, Mirco Maestri, Samuele Rivi, Alessandro Fancellu

And here we are, here we are at the last race of the season: the day when teams play their last chances to raise their arms to the sky before looking back to take stock, before looking ahead to think about the future to come.

But it is still the time to run, to struggle, to try to fight for victory: also for us of EOLO-KOMETA, forgetting the bad luck that has hit us in the last days with the falls of Fortunato and Pietrobon and putting on the road the best possible formation.

Stefano Zanatta: “The race will be quite easy at the beginning, among the Prosecco hills and its gentle climbs. The finale, on the other hand, will be very hard with the circuit that will lead to climb three times the Rosina and then the last passage on the dirt road: it will come out a hard-fought race and in front there will be those who so far have shown they have legs. I’m thinking of Trentin, Ulissi, some Astana men who I see in good shape. On our side we have Davide Bais in excellent condition, we will ride with him along with Maestri and Gavazzi in addition to Fancellu: unfortunately, bad luck in the last period has deprived us of some riders, but we want to close the season well.”

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Erik Fetter Davide Bais Francesco Gavazzi Mirco Maestri Samuele Rivi Alessandro Fancellu

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