Before the Circuito de Getxo: “We can do well, no doubt. Pike Bidea will be the key point”

News · 28 July, 2021

76º Circuito de Getxo / 76º Getxoko Zirkuitoa
Bilbao – Getxo ( 193,5 km)

Time for a beautiful race. The Circuito de Getxo in recent seasons has taken on a new lease of life. The Sociedad Ciclista Punta Galea, one of the most traditional cycling clubs in the Basque Country, has introduced some changes in the most recent editions and at the same time has increased its level of participation. In 2020, the Pike Bidea climb was introduced for the first time as part of the last lap. In this sense, in 2021, the Circuit will start from the neighbouring Bilbao, specifically from the iconic Guggenheim Museum.

As a continental structure, these last three years, the professional team of the Contador Foundation has been present in a race that is very popular and that this year, as ProTeam, will have a team that can be a protagonist. The hungarian Marton Dina, the portuguese Daniel Viegas, the Italians Vincenzo Albanese and Francesco Gavazzi and the Spaniards Arturo Grávalos, Alejandro Ropero and Diego Pablo Sevilla make up the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team.

With a view to this 2021 the Circuito de Getxo increases its mileage, and approaches 200 kilometres, as well as maintaining in its last lap, for the second year, the passage through the ascent to Pike Bidea. Two terrible kilometres, with percentages of 14% and which is crowned in the last 20 kilometres. The hot point of the race.

Diego Pablo Sevilla faces his fourth participation in the Biscayan classic: “It is a race that I know very well and for which I am very confident about our team’s chances, as I was for Ordizia. It’s a race with a back-country course to which we adapt well, and we have riders with speed. We can do well, no doubt. Pike Bidea will be the key point. In 2020, the rain made the race tougher and more selective, this year perhaps if the weather is better it is possible that more people will arrive at the climb, that the climbs won’t be so many and that there will be a regrouping of more people. It is a possibility. But in any case, the race will be very selective there”.

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