For the Hungarians Márton Dina and Erik Fetter the one in Oliva Nova was the first pre-season training camp with the Kometa Cycling Team. Fetter is riding with a view to 2020 from his country’s Pannon Cycling Team. Dina, however, has more experience. He landed in the squad before the Tour of Hungary in June and also competed in the GP Villafranca de Ordizia and the Vuelta a Burgos. Both contribute with their impressions about this first stage of preseason and the trainer Carlos Barredo also speaks about them.

“The concentration for me has really meant a reunion with team-mates and staff. But I have also been able to live these days. They have been days of very good work. This whole area is a paradise for cycling. I’ve enjoyed the scenery a lot. Some very nice climbs. The team has worked very well and I think we have an excellent block”, says Dina.

“Right now I’m bursting at the seams. I have felt very good during the whole concentration, but during the last outing we have given ourselves a good beating by the mountains of Alicante. I’m empty”, adds the Magyar cyclist.

Dina faces a very important 2020, since it enters into its plans to compete in the mountain bike test of the Tokyo Olympics. “Yes, I’m going to try. The concentration on the route is absolute, but I will try to take advantage of this possibility and I still have some options to compete on the Olympic route as well”.

Erik Fetter has enjoyed these days in Oliva Nova: “The place is incredible, the temperature is perfect, there is a great cycling atmosphere throughout the area. You are cycling and you come across WorldTour formations. With some of the best cyclists in the world. Or you see them at the coffee stop, when it’s time”.

“I think we did the best 10 days we could do in december as a teamcamp. The first days were of course a bit strange. We ride for the first time all together, I think everybody was curious for each other. Day by day the spirit of the team was better. On and off the bike we had a lot of good talks and laughs. For example at the daily meals in the Oliva restaurant, where the food was extremely good. This countryside was surprisingly good for training on the bike. Lot of perfect roads on both flat and mountainous terrain. It was not a surprise that we met there lot of WorldTour teams. Already looking forward to the next Team camp in January” says Fetter.

Carlos Barredo, coach of the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team, talks about the two Magyar cyclists: “Márton was already on the team, although I hadn’t worked with him yet. I am surprised by his capacity to suffer on the bike; he enjoys every training session, every repetition, every series. In the end you have to go almost all day slowing him down, because if it were up to him since he started he would be going at full speed, all day long he would be working at high intensity. In addition, he has room for improvement in certain aspects, especially in the strength work that is being implemented this year, because he didn’t like the strength work in the gym very much. In this aspect Erik is totally different, you can see that he has the theory internalized, pure school of the East, a perfect technique. Fetter is a very young cyclist, who has quite a lot of distance, quite a lot of room for improvement, especially with the flashes of quality he left running with his national team. I was surprised by how professional he is on the bike, how he takes care of the food, how he takes care of the hydration, how he moves within the group… The truth is that both Márton and Erik are going to be two riders with weight and importance within this year’s team”.

(automatic translation, sorry for mistakes)

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