The relationship between EOLO-KOMETA and Chiaravalli Group S.p.A. continues, and continues because the road taken together so far has been full of beauty and achievements. In fact, the sponsorship with the Italian company has been renewed and it will support our team also in the next season.

A relationship made of mutual trust and esteem, welded by a common vision: the real and concrete attention to sports for the youngest and future generations. And it is precisely in this perspective that this sponsorship must be seen, which will concretely go to help our youth sectors without forgetting the importance of the Pro team, seen as a dream and goal to be achieved for our talents of the future.

Photo Maurizio Borserini

Anna Chiaravalli, legal representative Chiaravalli Group S.p.A.: “We are here for a very specific choice: we have decided to continue this sponsorship relationship because we have touched and perceived the seriousness and professionalism of the whole EOLO-KOMETA structure, well represented by a figure like Ivan Basso who is a symbol for the Varese area and for the sport worldwide. We were convinced by the project behind the team: that of focusing on youth sports, choosing to build from the bottom up without going in search of immediate success. The fact that this year four riders from the youth sector have moved up to the Pro team is confirmation of serious and consistent work: everyone likes to win, but getting to victory by starting from afar with the power of ideas is the road we like to take, because there are things that cannot be bought. And this is the sport we like to support.”

Ivan Basso, EOLO KOMETA Cycling Team: “We continue our journey together in the groove of valuing our young people. Last year the relationship was very fruitful with the Under 23 lineup hitting outstanding results and three guys moving up to the Pro team. This year a part of the sponsorship will be turned over directly to U.C. Bustese Olonia, which will become our Italian starting center and reference point for our area. And it is nice, always, to see a company from our area show this attention to our project and to young people.”

CHIARAVALLI Group S.p.A. represents a leading multisectoral pole in the Lombardy and Italian panorama, which from Cavaria con Premezzo is projected toward global markets. Its commercial heart is represented by components for industrial mechanics, which is flanked by special processing, components for the Motorcycle sector and those for the Food sector. A historic Group that aims at continuous improvement and that, with a view to change dictated by the times and its growth, is structuring itself as a corporate organization thanks to the solid foundations laid by family management. In full awareness of its history, Chiaravalli Group aspires to be more and more a reference for a market that is constantly evolving and that requires a company that is specialized and at the same time effective and at the service of its clients.

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