Coppa Agostoni: A team to be proud of

News · 11 October, 2021

74º Coppa Agostoni
Lissone – Lissone (180 km)

And we, when we see our team run like that, we’re just proud of our guys. Sure, we’d always like to win. Sure, we would have liked to see Albanese cross the finish line in Lissone with his arms raised. Sure, a bit of disappointment remained. But today’s EOLO-KOMETA was a real spectacle: always in front, in flight with our Fortunato and then united in the group of those who went to play for the final victory. A pinch of bad luck (Mark Christian’s fall) and the skill of two phenomena such as Trentin and Lutsenko (he would later win) who were able to take that handful of seconds of advantage which were then decisive.

At the end Vincenzo Albanese arrived fifth, immediately behind him here is Fortunato who in addition to having animated the escape of the day had the strength to stay with the best and did everything possible to help his teammate: both have shown to have a wonderful leg and this gives us hope for the last two races of the season, next week.

A team that raced to win, and this is a constant of EOLO-KOMETA since the beginning of this wonderful season: and really, we repeat it once again. When we see our team running like this, we are just proud of our guys.

Lorenzo Fortunato: “I feel good, I feel really good: the leg is good, and I was able to enter in the breakaway without having to fight so much. I was in the breakaway, then when the group came back my goal was only one: to help Albanese to win. Unfortunately, when Trentin and Lutsenko left, we couldn’t catch them anymore because only a few were pulling behind and unfortunately I can’t make a big speed on the flat. But, as I said, we’re doing really well: and in the next two races, the last ones of the season, the goal will always be that. Trying to help Alba to win, because it really deserves it”.

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