XXVI Gipuzkoa Klasika junior
Beasain-Beasain (114 km)

A cross day for the interests of the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team junior in Gipuzkoa under adverse weather conditions, constant rain, and an unpleasant day all in all, crashes and breakdowns occurred frequently and largely affected the riders of the Foundation’s junior squad. The victory, after a great comeback in the final part to catch up with Pablo Carrascosa from Extremadura and the Basque Enekoitz Azparren, was won by Juan Ayuso from Alicante. At the finish line, the first rider of the Kometa was Miguel Ramos from Madrid, who arrived in a group at 5:01 from the winner.

With a lively rhythm from the opening flag, the pack remained tightly grouped for the first thirty kilometres and the first breakaway took time to form. At the first flying finish Miguel Angel Molina managed to cross in second position, but suffered a crash shortly afterwards and had to retire. José Luis Medina also got off after another mishap without major consequences. Alejandro Luna, also crashes but he finished ended up almost ten minutes away. Pure courage. On the 50th kilometre, Antonio Nieto and Pablo Carrascosa (Ciudad de Talavera), Enekoitz Azparren (Basque national team), Iker Mintegi (Navarre national team) and Flavio Ortiz (Bathco) would stand out in the lead, and this movement laid the foundations for one of the two pillars of the development of the event.

Both Carrascosa and Azparren would stand out in the lead during the first ascent to Olaberria. And both would consolidate in the front until, within the last ten kilometres, coming from behind, they were reached by a marvellous Juan Ayuso who left them behind on the last step of this, always decisive, ascent.

Guillermo Gutiérrez, Director of the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team: “Every race is a world, there are days when everything comes face to face and others when it does not. Today was one of those days. The race has been very fast and the rain always brings uncertainties and incidents. Miguel Ángel Molina, José Luis Medina and Alejandro Luna were all involved in crashes. And we lost José Luis very soon because of this circumstance, together with the moment when the definitive breakaway was formed. Alejandro went to the ground at an important time to reorganise us and Miguel Ángel emptied himself to get him back in the platoon. It was a day of going against the grain, but one that was worth a lot to the runners for facing and managing adverse situations. And that positive reading is the main one to take away, not in vain we are a training project”.

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