Dreams have a smell, they have a taste, they have a shape and they have a color. Dreams, when they become reality, have the smell of beauty and the best taste in the world. Dreams carry with them the effort made to chase them and the joy of when they come true. Look at the eyes of a boy who has realized his dream, look at the eyes of Davide De Cassan: a stagiaire with EOLO KOMETA in this final season, from next year he will turn professional with our team.

“And it’s all beautiful,” he tells us, “also because starting to race as a trainee is leading me to realize everything a little at a time and not suddenly. Certainly, what’s happening to me is beautiful: it’s me as a child who dreamed of riding among the professionals, it’s me realizing this dream.” And it will immediately be nice to test myself with a new world: “I want to learn, I want to learn from everyone and take something from everyone. I will put all the effort I can and even a little more, because I know it will not be easy: my first experiences with the Pro world have already made me realize that everything is different. It’s different the way teams control the race, which feels like playing a playstation. And it’s different that when you open the throttle, you really go hard.” And then, if you talk about emotions, you can’t help but look at these races in which Davide De Cassan has tasted the group of the strongest: “It seems, for a moment, to be on TV: because I have always seen these champions only on TV. Then you realize that it’s all real, that you’re in their midst for a real race and not for a pedal ride, and then that’s when the child Davide dreamed of comes back. Then, the champions open the throttle and you never see them again: but who knows, maybe someday I’ll be able to be with them. I don’t want to preclude myself: the limit is only the sky.”

Photo: Sprint Cycling

Ivan Basso: “I am very happy to take this guy who comes from a reality from which other riders who are now with us, such as Davide Bais. A reality that is an Italian excellence of the youth sectors, and when you take a boy from there you have the certainty that you have taken a very good prospect. He will do great results, and he will do them with respect for his talent and his growth: we will have the same attitude with him that we had with the others to make him grow and win with us.”

Stefano Zanatta: “Davide comes from a good school of cycling, from which the Bais brothers came out. He has shown steady growth among amateurs, I believe that with us he can continue to grow and give us some satisfaction. He does very well on climbs but he is also strong on mixed routes, he has a great desire to go pro and prove his worth: he has already raced the Giro dell’Emilia with us and has shown that he has a lot of desire and a lot of grit.”

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