There are cross-cutting concepts that go beyond sports and beyond the simple boundaries of a cycling team. Concepts like environmental sustainability, commitment – real, concrete – to a green world and a future made of respect. That’s why EOLO KOMETA and Lime unveil a unique partnership and decide to ride a stretch of road together.

Lime will provide the team with the latest generation of e-scooters, which will help athletes and staff in their travels during races: introducing to the cycling world a new and completely green way of getting around and together a different attitude towards sustainable mobility. It’s not just “moving from place to place,” no: moving with Lime means carrying a baggage of challenges and attention. Moving sustainably, of course, but also a constant focus on traffic education, safety and respect for all road users, and sensitivity to the proper use of parking spaces. 

Photo Maurizio Borserini

EOLO KOMETA and Lime will carry forward all these messages and challenges, together: with the strength of a team committed on roads all over Europe and in the most important and historic races, and with the face of its cyclists and its Sport Manager Ivan Basso, who is Lime’s ambassador for Italy: “I got to know this reality,” he said, “and I immediately identified with its freshness and its messages that I share and have been carrying on for a long time. I am proud, because for the first time we are bringing to cycling a reality that deals with mobility, and my pride is even greater because I will be Lime’s ambassador for Italy. We will carry on our challenges, which are those of educating people about an environmentally friendly and zero-impact way of getting around: our bicycles and Lime’s e-scooters are the perfect examples, and together we will try to educate people about the correct and respectful use of these means.

Fran Contador, General Manager EOLO KOMETA: “I am particularly pleased to have reached this agreement with Lime because it is perfectly in line with the way of working of the Alberto Contador Foundation and our Team in the desire to make our cities more sustainable by reducing the use of motor vehicles as much as possible. Bicycles and e-scooters go in this direction and for this reason I really hope that this will be the first year of a lasting and satisfying agreement for everyone.

Vincenzo Albanese, EOLO KOMETA cyclist: “We cyclists are daily witnesses to the use of alternative means of getting around, and at the same time we experience daily the reality of increasingly busy and dangerous roads for those who travel them by bicycle or on a scooter, or on foot. That’s why I’m glad Lime is joining our team: together, we will be stronger in getting these messages across that we believe in so much.”

Matteo Cioffi, General Manager Lime:Lime is excited about the partnership with EOLO KOMETA, no one better than a professional cycling team can encourage citizens to leave private cars behind and choose sustainable modes of transportation. And as more and more people choose bicycles and scooters for systematic commuting every day, together with the EOLO KOMETA team we will work to raise awareness about road safety and respectful behaviors toward other users of public space.”

About Lime
Lime’s mission is to build a future where mobility is shared, affordable, and zero-emission. As the global leader in micromobility sharing, Lime works with cities to offer electric bikes and scooters to make every trip under 5km. Selected by Time as one of the most influential companies of 2021, Lime has made more than 400 million trips in more than 250 cities on five continents, inspiring a new generation of sustainable alternatives to car ownership. Learn more about

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