EOLO-KOMETA finds Ravasi again on the Campo Felice gravel road

News · 16 May, 2021

Giro d’Italia 2021
Stage 9: Castel di Sangro – Campo Felice (160 km)

Cycling lives of days like this. Days in which the deeds of the greatest champions are made legendary by the beauty of the mountains that act as a theatre, by the cold and the rain, by that sense of heroism that transpires in front of arrivals like this.

Wild environment. Mountain. Clouds laden with freezing water. Uphill. Dirt road. This is how Campo Felice welcomed the caravan of the Giro d’Italia in what we knew would be a difficult stage and capable of overturning the classification. And in fact, the classification has been overturned: Egan Bernal roared like a lion and with a devastating action on the last part of the climb on dirt road he ate the fugitives of the day winning the stage and wearing the pink jersey. Does the Giro have an owner? No, the road to Milan is still so long… but a sign has been left. And what a mark.

Yes, but let’s come to us. Lorenzo Fortunato was once again great: he arrived at the top with the group of the best, in another beautiful day of a Giro that so far sees him as a splendid protagonist. And then? And then there is Edward Ravasi: after a first week full of bad luck and difficulties (the cold, a fall) today we have finally seen the Ravasi we know. Head held high until the end, even him together with the strongest: bravo Edward, your Giro starts now.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow, a stage on paper quiet: starting from L’Aquila and arriving in Foligno after 139 km. In between there is only one fourth category KOM.

Edward Ravasi: “Unfortunately, today I started with pain, I’m still not riding well and in fact I ride almost only with my right leg. But I wanted to put myself to the test and see how long I could hold out: well, I’ve seen that I’ve arrived well at this Giro and that my form is there. These three days that are coming up will help me recover from the blows and I’m really confident for the last two weeks of the Giro where I can do good things on the climbs. Today I suffered but I’m happy”.

[📷  Luis Barbosa]

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