Erik Fetter, much pride and little disappointment…

News · 26 August, 2022

Tour Poitou Charentes (2.1)
Stage 5: Mansle – Poitiers (185.1km)

In Poitiers, there where Charles Martel and his army defeated the Muslim army writing an indelible page of our history, EOLO-KOMETA tasted the flavor of victory by stroking Fetter’s success until a few meters from the finish line. Bravissimo, the Hungarian rider: able to enter the day’s breakaway and resist alone the return of the group, with a solo attack in the last 5 km that was broken only when the finish line was in sight. Applause for Erik and the whole team, on another day that gives us a lot of confidence for the upcoming engagements.

Erik Fetter: “First of all, it was really hard to get into the breakaway and after 60 km there was still no breakaway. Then we managed to attack and work all together in six riders even though the group was always quite close. On the final circuit we increased our speed and took more advantage of the group, then on the last climb I made a great attack with about 6 km to go and was alone. I knew it was going to be tough but I tried, I gave everything: with 300 meters to go, however, the group caught me. No, I was not lucky….”

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