The Polartec Junior Team imposed himself this weekend in the final G.C. of the Cabedo Trophy thanks to Carlos García, who begins to confirm the expectations that already woke up last year in his first season in the category. Fundamental for such a result was the victory in the team time trial of the previous day, a race that cyclists from the Alberto Contador Foundation have won in four of five years of existence of the team, with the exception of 2016, when they were second.

Carlos García tells how this weekend was for Polartec. “It has been very good, beginning for the victory in the team time trial, which for us is very important. There we demonstrate our potential looking at Sunday, which was one very hard day. In the first part of the race we had to
control the attacks and then, when the climbs came, defended ourselves well, Pol Hernández and me”.

In effect, Pol Hernández, which took the start on Sunday after taking the provisional leader jersey of the Cabedo Trophy, and Carlos García demonstrated to be both the strongest riders of Polartec. “There was made a group of approximately 25 riders which Pol and me. We had to go out to many attacks. At the end, around 10 km to go, I got into a break with other two riders that was the decisive one”.

That move could be worth to Carlos and Polartec the victory in the general, as it were, although all the forces spent by the way did to lose him posibilities of stage’s victory, first scoring, also, for the Cup of Spain. “I could only play third”, explains Carlos García, “because I arrived a little tired after all the accumulated wear, but I’m very happy with this so prestigious victory and third place in the Spanish Cup”.

With the first victory achieved, Carlos Garcia considers as objectives of the season “to continue growing, to remain united in the team and working as a block”. Personally he hopes to continue to be at a good level in the Spanish Cup, “since I’m well positioned, try to be called for a race with the National Team and be ready for the most important goals in the summer. Regarding last year I think I have progressed in many ways, but above all I think I am a more complete rider. I still have a lot to do for being at the top”, he concludes,”but that’s how we planned it, although this was an important race that I also wanted to dispute”.

Pol Hernández: “We do a collective work”

Another of the riders of second year who have shone this weekend is Pol Hernandez, who led the Cabedo Trophy after the team time trial and lost the jersey in favor of his teamamte on the last day. Hernandez also begins to confirm what was shown the previous year, in which he won the Spanish Cup. “I feel very good at Polartec. It’s a new team for me but I’m happy because we do a collective work, there is no leader and we all work for everyone, as we demonstrated in the Cabedo Trophy”.

Pol also hopes to improve as the weeks go by. “I begin to have good sensations, but I’m not 100% yet, although I’m already fighting”. As his teamamte, he also notes the improvement in this second junior year, key in the career of any cyclist. “I feel with a point more of strength in all aspects. Lighter, faster and with more power”, he assures.

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