Fran Contador and the Giro 2020 dream: “We keep working”

News · 16 April, 2019

RCS, organiser of the Giro d’Italia, confirmed on Monday the Great Start of its 2020 edition from Hungarian lands. A possibility that had transcended months before and that became absolute certainty with an official presentation, and a symbolic signature, which took place in Budapest with the presence of different personalities, among which were Tünde Szabó, Minister of Sport, Tamás Menczer, Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Alexandra Szalay-Bobrovniczky, lieutenant-mayor of the city of Budapest. Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro, and Paolo Bellino, CEO of RCS Sport, led the Italian delegation.

Precisely Budapest will host the kick-off of a race that will cover Magyar routes the first three days. “It is a special start because it is the first start from this part of Europe”, said Vegni. “The Giro is a media event that will allow our country to work on a long-term project. Ours is a nation of sport lovers and we want cycling, which we have been developing in recent years, to become an integral part of this project,” said Szabó. We were looking forward to this Giro and it has finally been achieved. All the institutions are very involved and we want this project to be considered the best Great Start of the Giro d’Italia of all time”, concluded Menczer.

Francisco Javier Contador, general manager of the Alberto Contador Foundation, was one of the attendees at the presentation of this new Great International Depart for the Pink Race. “Kometa, our main sponsor, is a firm with many interests in Hungary, which in turn is working hard on the growth of its cycling, a development to which we have also committed ourselves by offering some of its young talents the possibility to exercise and live with our continental structure during their concentrations. Our presence in this announcement endorses that commitment,” he recalls.

This link between Kometa and Hungary, which joins the historical link between Alberto Contador and Italy, has once again nourished the possibility for the professional team of the Alberto Contador Foundation to take part in the next edition of the Giro d’Italia from Budapest. Fran Contador is clear on the matter: “Obviously it is something that we would like very much, but that does not depend on us because it requires an invitation and, first and foremost, it demands that the team jump of category and be continental professional.  We’re working in that direction, it’s not something new or that we haven’t said before. I hope it can be possible”.

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