“One more year”: and there is so much in this simple sentence. There is the mutual desire to continue, a little longer, on the same path. There is the desire to grow together, going after a victory. There is the love for a jersey, that of EOLO-KOMETA, which Francesco Gavazzi, Alessandro Fancellu, Giovanni Lonardi and Diego Sevilla will wear again next season.

Choosing yourself is important, in life as in sports: choosing yourself every day, deciding to choose yourself again, is the key to a successful future. That is why it is only right to greet these renewals with the most beautiful word: welcome. Because there is a new story yet to be written.

Francesco Gavazzi: “I am very happy. I decided to do another year because I continue to like the group that has been created in the team and the project that I espoused, physically I feel good and I know I can do another good year, I would like to take some satisfaction. I think I can help my teammates a lot with my experience, and the desire to do this life is as strong as it was 10 years ago. It will be my last year, but I am excited: there is a young team and I feel like helping these guys a little bit. Of course, I would like to end my career with a big hit in my last year…who knows.”

Alessandro Fancellu: “In this team I’ve always been comfortable, in this team I’ve grown and learned a lot, but above all this team has been close to me in the many difficult moments I’ve gone through in recent times. This reconfirmation fills me with pride, but above all it stimulates me to repay with work and results all the trust of the team. I will do everything.”

Giovanni Lonardi: “I got on well here right from the start, I liked the work setting from the very first moment and a beautiful relationship was created with teammates and all the staff: it is logical that I am overjoyed to continue this path, this project. This season I got off to a great start with the win in Valencia, then I didn’t find continuity, and that’s what I’ll have to work on for next season. The environment to be able to do this is ideal.”

Diego Sevilla: “For me it is a huge pleasure to continue here for another year. I’ve been running for this team for so many years, I started here in the youth categories and I haven’t left from here… and the truth is that it’s hard for me to think about being on any other team than this one. I want to take satisfaction, for me and for my teammates: and I will do everything to honor this jersey.”

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