Gran Piemonte (1.PRO)
Thursday, Oct. 5

It’s the last races of the year. Just a few more days, then everyone’s mind will be divided between rethinking what has been and imagining what will be: the last races, the last opportunities to try to hit that victory that would change the face of the season. Tomorrow the theater will be the roads of the Gran Piemonte, a race that year after year has grown in importance and following thanks to the beauty of its course and a calendar that places it just days before the Giro di Lombardia. A beautiful race, a race that will still see us present with the usual desire to show off. EOLO KOMETA will present itself compactly around its captain Vincenzo Albanese, fresh from his victory in the Trittico Lombardo and strong with a splendid condition: his desire to give himself and others a victory is very strong, and he will certainly try. To help him, to flank him, to support him here is a group of chosen soldiers: Alessandro Fancellu, Erik Fetter, Andrea Garosio, Francesco Gavazzi, Diego Sevilla, and Davide De Cassan, who will celebrate the announcement of his promotion to the Pro group for next season.

The course, as mentioned, is varied and lively. After a trouble-free start, the riders will begin a 74-kilometer loop that will see the Colleretto Castelnuovo climb (7 km at 3.4 percent) and then the Faiollo climb (5.1 km at 5.4 percent). After passing through Pont Canavese, the peloton will face the most difficult climb with the climb of Alpette (5 km at 9 percent but with peaks over 17 percent) and then tackle the climb of Pratiglione (4.4 km at 3.4 percent) placed 13 kilometers from the finish line. Finish line at which the group will certainly arrive very, very selected.

Stefano Zanatta: “The race is quite easy in the first part, and probably a breakaway will go away. In the central and final part there will be three climbs that are not very hard, and I think Albanese and Fetter can easily overcome them given the great condition they are showing. We will make the race for them, although we have guys like Fancellu and De Cassan whob uphill well and could try something.”

Eolo Kometa
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