Giro del Veneto (1.1)
Wednesday, Oct. 11

These really are the last chances, the last cartridges to fire, the last moments in which to try to chase victory. A season that is now coming to an end offers EOLO KOMETA two more opportunities to make their mark: the first, is the Giro del Veneto, which will see the group race on roads that cross an area animated by a great passion for cycling. 

It will start in Tombolo (Padua) and head towards Camisano Vicentino and Grisignano di Zocco before crossing the Euganean Hills Regional Park and tackling the first climb of the day towards Teolo, the first rough climb of the day. It will then head towards the Berici Hills area where the group will find the climbs of Villaga, Grancona and Brendola before heading towards the final circuit of Monte Berico: 15 km to be repeated 4 times (5 times the climb). The climb to the sanctuary of Madonna di Monte Berico measures one kilometer with an average gradient of 7.1 percent. The first 400 meters are rideable while the final 600 are tough with gradients between 8 and 12 percent. It will take good games, it will take the head to figure out the right time to attack.

EOLO KOMETA will not field its captain Albanese still recovering from the Gran Piemonte crash, but will see a team composed of Mattia Bais, Diego Sevilla, Erik Fetter, Andrea Garosio, Francesco Gavazzi, Davide Piganzoli and Davide De Cassan.

Stefano Zanatta: “These are the last races of the season, and we want to close well this year: for this Giro del Veneto we lose Albanese, but we still have a very competitive team made of guys who have a good condition and a great desire to show off. The course is very varied, it will be important to have good legs and head in order not to miss the right moment.”

Eolo Kometa
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