Here is another new name among those who will make up the EOLO KOMETA of 2023. Andrea Garosio, a pure climber born in Chiari (Brescia) in 1993, is indeed ready to wear our uniform and defend our colors in a season that promises to be long and full of opportunities.

In his short career, Andrea has already had the opportunity to show off his skills with the Bahrain jersey and a Giro d’Italia raced in support of Vincenzo Nibali, before moving on to wear the Vini Zabù jersey and then the Bardiani jersey. Last year, with Biesse-Carrera, he won the best climber jersey at Coppi e Bartali. In short, one of the most interesting prospects who will have the opportunity to grow, show off, and take some satisfaction here.

And that Andrea has a great desire to do, shows it right away: “These days my father can’t work, so I am helping here at the construction site together with my brother: in the morning on the bike, in the afternoon I give a hand here.” And in this sentence is all the spirit of this boy who grew up with the healthiest principles and respect for hard work: elements that cannot be lacking, in the life of someone who wants to be a cyclist. “I,” he says, “started when I was seven years old: everyone in my family is a soccer player, and I remember always going to my uncle’s house to watch the games. At home he had a few cups won in some tournament he had played, and I used to ask him why there were so few: he would tell me that soccer is a team sport and when you win the trophy belongs to everyone, so he kept a few because the others went to his teammates. Then I decided I would be a cyclist: because every cup won, it would be mine alone.” Strong motivation, and an idol in his heart: “His name is Alberto Contador, I always cheered for him because he drove me crazy when he sprinted uphill and because we were both born on December 6: I got to talk to him briefly, it was a huge thrill.”

It can’t be bad, for a kid who grew up with a passion for cycling, to end up on the team of Contador and Basso: “Two great champions, and I’m sure that also thanks to their advice I can grow a lot. I still remember when my manager at Carrera told me that there was Ivan who wanted to talk to me: these are things you can’t forget. Because to arrive in this team is a dream: the EOLO KOMETA seems like a small World Tour, for organization, for the staff, for the materials, for the calendar in which it takes part. Beautiful to be here, beautiful. Let’s say that there is the beauty of the World Tours here, but also that family and relaxed environment that by necessity is not there in the big teams and that for me is fundamental.”

There is a most beautiful moment in Andrea Garosio’s career, and there is a big dream to come true: “The most beautiful moment was on the stage at Coppi e Bartali when I won the climbers’ jersey: there were four jerseys up for grabs, three were from Ineos and one was mine. And the dream…the dream is called Giro d’Italia. Already being there would be beautiful, if I have to dream big I say I would like to win a stage: for superstition I haven’t looked at them yet, but I saw that there is one suitable for me that comes right to my house….”

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