54º Circuito del Guadiana
Don Benito – Don Benito (80 km)

The 2020 Spanish Cup started this Saturday in Extremadura with the dispute, at times under an intense rain and strong gusts of wind, of a new edition of the Guadiana Circuit in which the Andalusian José Luis Medina, fourth, caressed the podium for the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team. In the race, Juan Ayuso, from Alicante, won alone. The junior team of the Alberto Contador Foundation gave a good group performance, finishing second in the classification by squads.

The Alicante-based Bathco team went solo after the second and final pass through the town of Magacela. On the climb, a little over a kilometre with ramps of over 10%, Ayuso arrived in the lead together with Jorge Gutiérrez, while four riders from the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team, José Luis Medina, Arnau Gilabert, Pedro Beneit and Francesc Bennassar, led the first group of 17. That back group was also selected in the wall, standing out Juan Marín (Giménez Ganga) and with Arnau Gilabert and José Luis Medina in their vanguard.

Already the first step along Magacela’s village, to which one came with the race very broken by the action of the wind and his concretion in some falls, had given a situation of race in which they were showing his strengths so much Ayuso in the individual thing as the Kometa-Xstra in the collective thing.

Outstanding in the lead of the race, the cyclist from the Comunitat Valenciana consolidated an advantage of more than two minutes over Juan Marín and Jorge Gutiérrez. Medina, who launched himself alone in the last kilometres, crossed the finish line at 2:20 from the winner, only seven seconds away from the third place on the podium. His teammate Arnau Gilabert finished eighth, second in the sprint of the first group that reached the final straight in Alonso Martín Avenue.

José Luis Medina: “The whole team has done a great job today and a good sign is that in the group of twenty we have entered up to four riders. It was with ten kilometres to go, on a straight with slides, when Guillermo told us to move. I attacked strongly, I managed to open a gap and at the end I was only 100 meters short of the third position”.

Guillermo Gutiérrez, director of the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team: “This edition of the Guadiana Circuit has put on the table things that could already be seen last weekend in the first tests of Victor Cabedo, with a Juan Ayuso who has started the season in very good shape. He was the wheel to follow, but not at all easy to follow. We have competed very well, showing a lot of strength as a group and supporting each other to keep our options on the podium”.

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