Alvaro Cuadros returns to the Alberto Contador Foundation to show the kind of rider who is

After being one of the few riders who pass professionals directly from the junior category, which in the 2013 season shone as the best Spanish rider of his generation, Alvaro Cuadros joined at 18 years by then the Etixx of Rene Andrle, where he has spent two years maturing as a person, has lived many experiences and even has managed to do good races, but has failed to show all cycling he has inside. So this year has decided to return to basics and re-enlist in the ranks of the Alberto Contador Foundation, finally to show the kind of rider he is.

Cuadros return to the Contador Foundation, still with 20 years old, serving his third season U23, which must be precisely his launch as a rider, having matured physically and technically in races throughout Europe and routes that were often not ideal for a cyclist of his features. “I return to find the confidence that gives me this team and I hope to bring the experience of these two years and the desire to succeed as a rider”, says the Andalusian rider.

To Cuadros, the year he spent in Alberto Contador Foundation marked him. “It was one of my best years, personally and athletically, with many victories, and enjoyed the time. I would still feel like then”.

After two years on a continental team, Alvaro Cuadros acknowledges that he has learned a lot “of my colleagues and races where I’ve been, but it was hard because it was a big change going from junior to professional”. In the Contador Foundation, however, hopes to use what he learn and show what failed to do in this last period. “I’ll have a similar program, but with races that suit better to my conditions than those I have done until now”.

With two years now as U23, Cuadros believes the time has come to turn the page and demonstrate the qualities that made him shine as a junior, because now again feel at home. “The best of this time has been the experience and the things I’ve learned , and worse, being away from home and away from my people,” he says. “I return to the Alberto Contador Foundation with enthusiasm and eager to show what I’m capable of as a rider,” he concludes.

A rider to complete a great roster

As to Alvaro Cuadros, to Fran Contador, manager of the Foundation, also makes it “special illusion his reinstatement. I have fond memories of his passage by the team in the first year of the Foundation and still think of him as a future great rider.”

Contador considered him a “very brave rider, who likes to attack and that, along with his qualities as a climber, was what made him shine as junior and pass to professionals”. Also, he continues, “has always been easy on taking breakaways, has a gift, tactically is very good and has been able to show that during these years”.

Those are the reasons that led Alberto Contador Foundation to bet again for this rider. “He has so much potential, yet to exploit. We know him and I know that fits into the philosophy of this team. He also knows us and here he knows that will have a right calendar, with hard races where he can highlight”.

The team that next year will be called RH+/Polartec will be a group with a good balance between youth and experience, “but always with very young riders”, said Contador. “We will have two men in the fourth year, Olaberria and Noriega, and two of third year, Camacho and Cuadros, along with five of second year with the quality of Barcelo, Ballesteros, Sevilla, Fran Pérez and Cantoni. I hope that our third season under 23 we’ll be one of reference teams and that we’ll fight for the win in every race. I trust the quality of this great group, because they are very cohesive and committed to our project”, says Fran Contador.

(Automatic translation. Forgive inaccuracies).

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