Márton Dina, second overall in the final of an exciting Tour of Hungary of which the Kometa Cycling Team is main protagonist

News · 16 June, 2019

40th Tour of Hungary
Stage 5: Kecskmét – Székesfehérvár (169 km)

With a seventh place for Michele Gazzoli in the sprint with which the last stage was resolved this Sunday concluded the participation of the Kometa Cycling Team in a very special Tour of Hungary for the continental formation of the Alberto Contador Foundation. The Hungarian Márton Dina finished in second position in a final general in which he won, asserting his pedal stroke after having competed in the last Giro d’Italia, the Latvian Krists Neilands (Israel Cycling Team).

In addition to Márton’s podium, Juan Pedro López (6th) and Stefano Oldani (7th) finished in the top ten of the Magyar race, positions that cemented a great performance of the Kometa. The squad came with the firm commitment to be the protagonist and leaves with the satisfaction of having fulfilled it. In the daily fight for the partial triumphs, one of their cyclists finished in the top ten; and up to three did so in the queen stage. “A great collective work”, proclaims Diego Pablo Sevilla. “The level has been very good and we are very close to victory”, adds Antonio Puppio.

Due to his youth and his Hungarian condition, Martón Dina is one of the names of these days. “After the third stage I was a little sad because I lost the white jersey. That afternoon I looked at myself in front of the mirror and said to myself, ‘come on, cheer up, tomorrow you’ll be on the podium’. And I convinced myself that I had to fight for it. At Kekesteto, I gave everything so that it could be so,” explains the young Magyar talent. “I can’t hide my great joy at the results. I’m very grateful for the team’s hard work these days. I can’t wait to compete with the team again,” he added.

The final stage of the Tour of Hungary ended on a seven-kilometre street circuit where the pack had to complete five laps. Several formations showed their interest in the resolution of the sprint, controlling at all times a leak of three cyclists that was definitely neutralized within the last fifteen. The Kometa Cycling Team was thoroughly used to safeguard the options of Michele Gazzoli, with a great job of Stefano Oldani and Antonio Puppio in the final part. “The team was the best; the teammates did an incredible job,” Gazzo said. The Italian launched the sprint, but the Dutchman Wouter Wippert ended up imposing his top speed.

Portugal’s Daniel Viegas was a key player in the daily work and support for his leaders, a cyclist who symbolises sacrifice and dedication to a common goal: “Every race is different. The only time I had run a six-day race was in Normandy, during my first year as an amateur. But I really enjoyed this experience. I thought Hungary was a very nice country.  On a personal level, on a sporting level, I gave everything for the team. Every day we have been a great team, I think the best of the race. I’m sure if we go on like this the victory will come”.

Jesus Hernández, director of the Kometa Cycling Team: “We came with the idea of being protagonists every day and honestly I think it has been like that. The team was very good. We only needed to win to have a final qualification of 10 instead of 9.5. This Tour of Hungary has been a level race, in which we competed against professional continental teams that usually do the Tour de France or come from the Giro d’Italia. And we’ve been there, competing from you to you. In the last two days we’ve seen a great team. We left happy, with a good booty and the pleasant surprise of a newcomer like Márton”.

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