Hungarian National Championships
Bocskaikert-Bocskaikert (38 km ITT)

The small town of Bocskaikert, north of Debrecen’s most populous and famous, hosted the time trial of the Hungarian National Cycling Championships on Friday. The Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team rider Márton Dina was one of the almost 200 participants, among the different categories, who faced the 38 km route, essentially flat. A day of coupling and power.

Dina, one of the last five riders to compete in the event, finally finished seventh, with a final time of 48:55 at an average speed of over 46.6 km/h. Barnabas Peak (Mitchelton-Scott), winner of the event and therefore of the national title, flew at over 50 km/h and stopped the clock in 45:14.

“The circuit was flat, with two very long 9.5-kilometer straights that faced each other in a round trip. I really enjoyed the experience, regardless of the final classification, because it was the first time I found my best position, without any discomfort in my back, shoulders or legs, and I was able to put all my strength into the pedals”.

Dina will take part in the long-distance race this Sunday. A race that will be also very flat, also with start and finish in Mád and with 171 kilometers of course. “It has only a small climb, less than half a kilometer, with percentages between 5 and 7%. A very testimonial climb, really”.

?  Vanik Zoltán / BringaSport

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