Family. Here is the word Mirco Maestri keeps repeating when we meet to present his contract extension with EOLO KOMETA (one more year, until 2025, despite already having a contract for next year): family. Normal, for a guy like him who after two years on the team has been able to live intensely every moment bringing home all the good things, all the experiences, all the smiles along with some tears. “Staying on this team, with these teammates and with these people was all I wanted: honestly I don’t see myself anywhere else, after these years here it’s hard to think of going anywhere else.”

And it’s almost natural to wonder why, to wonder what’s behind this special environment everyone is talking about: “I feel important every day, and it’s been that way from the very first moment: I felt important when Stefano Zanatta, someone who has written the history of cycling, called me to ask me to come and race on his team. I felt important in every race, in every meeting, in every moment starting from the simplest and most trivial things. I really cannot find a different word to define this: family. In fact, I find another one: serenity. Because for a runner it is important to be serene, the sacrifices you make become lighter and everything is easier, and I have never been so serene. And I don’t say it: my wife says it, who sees me always coming home happy and leaving for races with a smile on my face, my father says it, who has been following me since I was a child and has never seen me so happy. I think it’s all about the air here at EOLO KOMETA: and the performance, then, is a consequence.”

Here: let’s talk about results, let’s talk about a rider who has never backed down and twice came close to winning the Giro d’Italia. “I have grown so much in these two years, as a man and as a rider. As I said before I feel important, the team values me and this helps me to go stronger: the victory did not come, many placings came, but I remain very happy with what I have done so far. Of course, with the Giro d’Italia I have an open account: twice I came close to victory, and this year in the Cassano Magnago stage I think I had the best race of my life. My goal is only one: to repay the trust, which is enormous, that this team is giving me. And I can only do it in one way: by winning.” 

Stefano Zanatta, and Mirco told us so, was important for his arrival in the team: “He,” says the sport director, “is one of those riders I would always want in the team: generous, hard-working, strong, able to always put himself at the service of the team, sacrificing even his personal ambitions. I am glad that he is doing well here, and that we will continue to ride together.”

Eolo Kometa
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