Little by little, without any hurry, with his sights set on 2021, the young Hungarian Erik Fetter is beginning to regain a certain normality in his training. The Hungarian cyclist was run over in mid-August near Esztergom by a car that turned without being noticed. A manoeuvre that left him with damage to three vertebrae and caused a fracture in his left clavicle and initially led him to the operating theatre. But the doctors finally decided on a more conservative treatment given his youth. However, with a couple of weeks of absolute rest and the obligation to wear a neck brace so as not to move his neck.

“I’m slowly returning to training on my bike. I’ve been cycling over the roller again for a few days now and, although I’ve been out briefly by the side of the house with a lot of precautions to see how the sensations are, I’m waiting for the green light to return to normal training. Step by step”, he explains. “My physio here in Hungary is very surprised by the good physical condition I have at the moment”.

Fetter was destined to be one of the strongest riders of the team in the Giro d’Italia u23 and already in the Tour de l’Ain he had left signs of his good form. “More than having suffered the accident, if I’m honest I have to admit that what hurt me the most was not being able to compete more with the best condition I’ve ever had. This season was already a bit atypical, we had few races to show our quality. I worked very, very hard to get my best form and after one race I lost everything in one moment”.

Away from the competition by force and with a very specific rehabilitation for weeks, Fetter has not lost his pulse with the present day Cyclist: “Beyond the bad luck of the accident, I have had a lot of fun in these weeks with the routine of specific training in the morning and watching the races in the afternoon”.

– What has surprised you most about this period, Erik?

– Well, everything that Marc Hirschi has done during these weeks. He has been impressive in the Tour de France, the World Championships and also in the Flèche Wallonne where he won in the end.

During his convalescence period the announcement of the arrival of EOLO as the first sponsor of an EOLO-KOMETA team that will apply for registration in 2021 in the ProTeam category took place. “This is really wonderful news, I am very happy with this new project. For any cyclist it is always a dream, a great goal, to reach the highest category and hand in hand with this project seems very possible. I can’t wait to compete again and I hope to have the opportunity to do it in this project, which is something that motivates me even more to work hard and be ready for the new category”.

? Atila Madrona

(automatic translation, sorry for mistakes)


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