Matteo Mosquetti, the most experienced sprinter of the Continental Polartec-Kometa, achieved today in the inaugural stage of the Tour of Antalya (Turkey) the first victory for the new professional team of the Alberto Contador Foundation, which is also the first for his record in the category.

Matteo got a triumph marked by difficulties, as the Italian rider, in the longest stage of this tour, suffered a crash at 40 km to go that forced him not only to change bike, but also shoes, after breaking a cleat.

Despite these difficulties and the hardness of the course, with two score climbs, and a day marked by rain and cold, Matteo reached the last straight with enough force and that allowed him to beat with solvency his compatriot Jakub Mareczko, that came here from winning two stages in the Sharjah Tour of the UAE.

The triumph give him the chance to wear tomorrow the first leader’s jersey, which will have to defend at a similar stage than today, although shorter, and with another probable finish in a bunch. “This victory shows me that I have to trust a little more in myself”, said Matteo Moschetti before explaining how the sprint was. “In the end we were Michele Gazzoli and me, but at 1,500 meters there has been a crash and Michele has broken the gear. I was left alone, I finished in the top 10 in the last corner and when they were preparing the sprint for Mareczko, I decided to start it and I got it”. Moschetti, 21, is the current Italian U-23 champion.

Alberto Contador celebrated this first victory of the Continental Polartec-Kometa recognizing that it has been “a pleasant surprise to win so soon, because it is a very young team, with which we seek to train future champions, but without demanding immediate triumphs. Winning at the beginning of the season is a motivation for all and a joy for our sponsors, who are making a great effort to carry out this project”.

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