News · 24 November, 2022

Welcome Bais! Mattia finds the EOLO KOMETA and…his brother David.

The latest arrival, called to embellish next year’s team. A rider who will be able to bring with him those values that are mandatory in this group: sacrifice, work, seriousness. A boy who, here at EOLO KOMETA, will have the unique opportunity to run together with his brother Davide: welcome, Mattia Bais! Born in Rovereto…

News · 22 November, 2022

Here’s Andrea Garosio: “This is a little World Tour.”

Here is another new name among those who will make up the EOLO KOMETA of 2023. Andrea Garosio, a pure climber born in Chiari (Brescia) in 1993, is indeed ready to wear our uniform and defend our colors in a season that promises to be long and full of opportunities. In his short career, Andrea…

News · 17 November, 2022

Bais, Bevilacqua, Rivi, Maestri: four more renewals

“EOLO KOMETA is a family.” This is what all the riders who have come to wear this jersey say and repeat: a family. The perfect place to ride a bike, but at the same time the place where you feel good: you grow, you mature, you enrich yourself as cyclists and as men. Davide Bais,…

News · 15 November, 2022

Davide Piganzoli’s dream realized

One of the most interesting prospects in Italian cycling, a young man who has chosen to continue wearing our jersey, an investment in the future: Davide Piganzoli, a Valtellinese from Morbegno (he was born July 8, 2002), will make his debut among professionals next year with EOLO KOMETA. And here, we talk about dreams. Those…

News · 10 November, 2022

Gavazzi, Fancellu, Lonardi and Sevilla: another year together

“One more year”: and there is so much in this simple sentence. There is the mutual desire to continue, a little longer, on the same path. There is the desire to grow together, going after a victory. There is the love for a jersey, that of EOLO-KOMETA, which Francesco Gavazzi, Alessandro Fancellu, Giovanni Lonardi and…

Fernando Tercero Klasika Aiztondo

News · 8 November, 2022

Fernando Tercero climbs up to the professional team to continue to shine in the EOLO Kometa maillot

The rider from La Mancha has completed an exceptional season in the under-23 team of the Alberto Contador Foundation and now seeks to continue the progression demonstrated in the professional team. There are already three cyclists confirmed for next season who will make the jump from the under-23 team, who will continue to grow in…

Simone Raccani

News · 1 November, 2022

Simone Raccani, a new addition to EOLO-KOMETA

One of the most promising youngsters, a bet, a talent: Simone Raccani will wear our colors next year. “This, the team for me.” There are moments in a rider’s life that make a difference and mark the future. For Simone Raccani, that moment has the sound of a phone ringing: on the other end is…

Andrea Pietrobon EOLO Kometa 2023

News · 25 October, 2022

Javi Serrano and Andrea Pietrobon will be professionals with EOLO Kometa 2023

Two riders from the under-23 team EOLO Kometa will now have the opportunity to continue to grow in the structure. Spaniard Javi Serrano and Italian Andrea Pietrobon have showed their ability to get this opportunity. A successful season must be followed by a great reward. And the results of Serrano and Pietrobon with EOLO Kometa…

News · 16 October, 2022

Bais and Gavazzi the most brilliant, in the last race of the season

Veneto Classic (1.1) Treviso-Bassano del Grappa (190 km) When a season ends, it’s nomal to find yourself dealing with conflicting feelings. There is the legitimate desire to unplug a bit and together there is the human sorrow for the people with whom one has shared everything and who will not be meeting for a while,…

News · 14 October, 2022

At the Veneto Classic, the “last dance”

Veneto Classic (1.1) Treviso-Bassano del Grappa (190 km) Sunday, Oct. 16 Lineup: Erik Fetter, Davide Bais, Francesco Gavazzi, Mirco Maestri, Samuele Rivi, Alessandro Fancellu And here we are, here we are at the last race of the season: the day when teams play their last chances to raise their arms to the sky before looking…

News · 12 October, 2022

Bais still there in front. Pietrobon, what bad luck….

Giro del Veneto (1.1) Padova-Vicenza (159.8 km) Of course we’re a bit tired of talking about bad luck, crashes, scares and riders being taken to the hospital. After Fortunato at the Tour of Lombardy, today it was Pietrobon’s turn who while in a breakaway and giving everything ended up on the asphalt: a lot of…

News · 10 October, 2022

At the Giro del Veneto to find continuity

Giro del Veneto (1.1) Padova-Vicenza (159.8 km) Wednesday, Oct. 12 Lineup: Francesco Gavazzi, Davide Bais, Andrea Pietrobon, Mirco Maestri, Samuele Rivi, Alessandro Fancellu. The season is not over. We still have in our eyes the emotions of the Giro di Lombardia, we still have inside us the disappointment of Lorenzo Fortunato’s fall, and we still…

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