News · 25 August, 2019

Outstanding participation of Michel Ries and Stefano Oldani in the Tour del Porvenir, with seventh place in the Luxembourger’s final

56º Tour of l´Avenir Stage 10: Saint-Colomban-des-Villards – Le Corbier (79.1 km) This Sunday, at the Le Corbier winter sports centre, a new edition of the Tour du Porvenir closed. Both Luxembourg’s Michel Ries and Italy’s Stefano Oldani, the two riders of the Kometa Cycling Team who took part with their respective teams, put together…

News · 17 August, 2019

Márton Dina finishes in the top twenty of the general classification in Burgos after a queen stage in which Isaac Cantón shines

41st Tour of Burgos Stage 5: Santo Domingo de Silos – Lagunas de Neila (146 km) The Lagunas de Neila are one of the great stages of cycling, a condition that has been gained year after year mainly with the arrivals of the Vuelta a Burgos. The iconic ascent of the Iberian System once again…

News · 16 August, 2019

Márton Dina caresses the top-20 in Burgos after the longest stage, where Antonio Puppio rolls away more than 150 km

41ª Vuelta a Burgos Stage 4: Atapuerca – Roman City of Clunia/Coruña del Conde (174 km) Always complicated by its final kilometre, a 5.1% steepness that is faced at great speed, the arrival at the Roman City of Clunia gave rise to time differences that allowed a new jump of the Hungarian Márton Dina in…

News · 15 August, 2019

On the way to Picón Blanco, outstanding work by Juan Camacho and Márton Dina´s step forward

41ª Vuelta a Burgos Stage 3: Sargentes de La Lora – Picón Blanco (150 km) For the third consecutive year, the summit of Picón Blanco hosted the arrival of the Vuelta a Burgos and this ascent to an old military installation in the Cantabrian Mountains once again demonstrated its hardness and entity. In an arrival…

News · 14 August, 2019

Daniel Viegas, on the day’s break: “It was practically a copy of yesterday’s stage”

41ª Vuelta a Burgos Stage 2: Gumiel de Izán – Lerma (155 km) The Portuguese Daniel Viegas took over from his team-mate Diego Pablo Sevilla and was in charge of giving a lot of presence to the Kometa Cycling Team this Wednesday during the second stage of the Tour of Burgos 2019. A script similar…

News · 14 August, 2019

L´Avenir: Stefano Oldani and Michel Ries, called up by their national teams

56º Tour of l´Avenir From 15 to 25 August The next edition of the Tour of l´Avenir, the Tour of the Future, will feature the participation of two riders from the Kometa Cycling Team. The prestigious French event is held under the formula of the national teams. Created in 1961, its last five winners have…

News · 13 August, 2019

Diego Pablo Sevilla, between the great protagonists of a first stage in which Martón Dina gives up time after a crash

41ª Vuelta a Burgos Stage 1: Burgos – Burgos/Cerro del Castillo (162 km) Diego Pablo Sevilla from Madrid was one of the great protagonists of the inaugural day of the Vuelta a Burgos 2019. The rider from San Martín de la Vega took part along with four other riders in the breakaway that led the…

News · 11 August, 2019

Return to the Vuelta a Burgos with a lot of motivation and the good memory of Matteo Moschetti

41ª Vuelta Ciclista a Burgos From 13 to 17 August Abstracting oneself from the emotional importance of the Vuelta a Burgos for the spirit of the Alberto Contador Foundation’s continental sports project is impossible. The joys of the celebration are still fresh. In the previous stage, race circumstances, the last one ended. In Castrojeriz, appearing…

News · 10 August, 2019

Tenth places for Michele Gazzoli and Antonio Puppio in the route and time trial, respectively, of the Europeans of Alkmaar

European Cycling 2019 Background test under 23: Alkmaar-Alkmaar (138 km) U23 Crono: Alkmaar-Alkmaar (22.4 km) The Italian Michele Gazzoli finished tenth in the final round of the U23 European Cycling category held this Saturday in the Dutch town of Alkmaar. His tenth place is contextualized within a great performance of the Italian team, which hung…

News · 5 August, 2019

Juan Pedro López, stagiaire with Trek-Segafredo in the Tour of Utah 2019

Tour of Utah From 12 to 18 August The Sevillian Juan Pedro López will compete with the colours of the Trek-Segafredo during the next American Tour of Utah. The WorldTour team confirmed this Monday the call of Lebrija as stagiaire for the American race and the rest of the season. López takes the baton from…

News · 31 July, 2019

The best José Antonio García of the season emerges with a great performance at the Circuito de Getxo

74th Circuito de Getxo Getxo-Getxo (196 km) The leap from the amateur field to professionalism is not always easy and does not take place in the same way in all runners. One of the new faces of the Kometa Cycling Team for this season was that of José Antonio García. The Granadino, from the under23…

News · 29 July, 2019

With good sensations before the renovated layout of the Circuit of Getxo

74º Circuito de Getxo Getxo-Getxo (196 km) A 24-kilometre circuit on which to complete eight laps supports a revamped edition of the Getxo Circuit, which honours its name more than ever. In its fixed date, the day of Saint Ignatius of a very festive calendar those days in the town, the test organized by the…

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