News · 20 July, 2019

The best images of the 3rd stage of the Giro Valle d’Aosta

News · 19 July, 2019

Michel Ries opens the Kometa Cycling Team season winners’ medal at Champoluc

56º Giro Ciclístico Valle d´Aosta Stage 3: Antagnod – Champoluc (179.7 km) …. And the first one came. From today, Champoluc will be an unforgettable place for the Alberto Contador Foundation’s continental project. The Luxembourger Michel Ries won the first victory of Kometa Cycling Team this season after winning the third stage of the Giro…

News · 19 July, 2019

The best images of the 2nd stage of the Giro Valle d’Aosta


News · 18 July, 2019

In Valsavarenche, second place of Oldani, fifth of López and step ahead of both in the overall

56º Giro Ciclístico Valle d´Aosta Stage 2: Aymavilles – Valsavarenche (137.6 km) Wednesday’s events were a thing of the past and the goal of the general had been complicated. It was time to reset and face each day as if it was the last one. If fighting for the yellow jersey is complicated, not to…

News · 17 July, 2019

Absolute chaos with a final stand in the French stage of the Giro al Valle d´Aosta

56º Giro Ciclístico Valle d´Aosta Stage 1: Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise – Saint-Gervais-Mont Blanc (126 km) Chaotic first stage online at Valle d´Aosta. The French day of this edition, a hard fraction with three mountain pass on the route, was marked by a great neutralization of the race motivated by a confusion in the route by the platoon,…

News · 17 July, 2019

The sports structures of the Alberto Contador Foundation visit Gobik’s headquarters

A representation of all the sports structures of the Alberto Contador Foundation visited Gobik’s facilities in Yecla on Tuesday to learn more about all the particularities of the production process of the garments they wear in the competitions of their different categories. The company from Murcia, technical sponsor of the Alberto Contador Foundation teams, has…

News · 17 July, 2019

Giro Valle d´Aosta ? Prologue

News · 16 July, 2019

Valle d´Aosta starts with a third place of Antonio Puppio in the prologue against the clock

56º Giro Ciclístico Valle d´Aosta Prologue: Aosta-Aosta (2.7 km ITT) With a final time of 3:18, Italian Antonio Puppio finished third this Tuesday in the time trial of the demanding Giro del Valle d´Aosta. The rider of the Kometa Cycling Team, the first of the formation to take part in the race, displayed a great…

News · 16 July, 2019

Valtellina Training Camp ? Juri Baruffaldi

News · 14 July, 2019

The Aosta Valley and its loa to the mountains, a key objective for the Kometa Cycling Team

56º Giro Ciclístico Valle d´Aosta From 16 to 21 July Few, very few tests concentrate the orographic hardness that the Giro del Valle de Aosta presents year after year. The Italian race is one of the most demanding events on the international calendar and its final winner is assured of a future in cycling. Aosta…

News · 7 July, 2019

The Kometa Cycling Team concentrates for a week in Valtellina

The Kometa Cycling Team returns to Bormio. The continental formation of the Alberto Contador Foundation will face a week of meeting in Valtellina that will take place between 8 and 15 July. During this stage, in which the team finishes the preparation for participation a few days later in the demanding Giro Ciclístico della Valle…

News · 1 July, 2019

The Hungarian cyclists Karl Adam and Vas Balazs will be the stagiaires of the Kometa Cycling Team this year 

The commitment of the continental structure of the Alberto Contador Foundation to the development of Hungarian cycling takes a new step forward with the confirmation of the new Magyar riders who will join the Kometa Cycling Team as stagiaires. Karl Adam and Vas Balazs will disembark in the team directed by Jesus Hernández from next…

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