News · 17 August, 2018

An escape frustrates the victory of the volata in a stage where Moschetti finishes ninth

Tour of Hungary Stage 3: Cegléd-Hajdúszobosló (206 km) In the third stage of the Tour of Hungary, a day with Alberto Contador in the caravan, the Italian sprinter Matteo Moschetti could not defend his victory this Thursday after the Ukrainian cyclist Andrii Brataschuk avoided the sprint with a lesson of perseverance. The Team Novak rider,…

News · 16 August, 2018

Matteo Moschetti, wondrous in Hungary

Tour of Hungary Stage 2: Velence-Székesfehérvár (190 km) The Italian sprinter Matteo Moschetti won the sprint this Thursday in the second stage of the Tour of Hungary, a volata where his speedy pace allowed him to beat Attilio Viviani (Sangemini) and the leader Manuel Belletti (Androni) to achieve his ninth success of the year and…

News · 16 August, 2018

The Tour de l´Avenir, with four riders forged at the Polartec-Kometa

Tour de l´Avenir (France) From 17 to 26 August This Friday begins in a new edition of the Tour del Porvenir, the Tour de France for the youngest riders, where up to four of the Polartec-Kometa squad will start this season with their respective national teams. The Andalusian Juan Pedro López, who is making his…

News · 15 August, 2018

Starring Isaac Canton and second place for Matteo Moschetti

Tour of Hungary Stage 1: Balatonalmádi – Keszthely (154 km) The Italian sprinter Matteo Moschetti was close to victory in the first stage of the Hungarian Tour. The Polartec-Kometa man from Milan finished second at the end of Keszthely, behind his veteran compatriot Manuel Belletti (Androni), who beat him in the last few metres and…

News · 14 August, 2018

Moschetti and Gazzoli, the best times of the Polartec-Kometa in a Hungarian prologue through the water

Tour of Hungary prólogue: Siófok-Siófok (3.5 km ITT) With a test conditioned by the appearance of rain and some gusts of strong wind when some thirty riders had already finished, on Tuesday he started to ride in a new edition of the Tour of Hungary in which the Swiss Patrick Schelling became the first leader…

News · 12 August, 2018

Hungary’s turn, the particular’Tour de France’ of the Polartec-Kometa

Tour of Hungary From 14 to 19 August Tempus fugit. Time is fleeting, as the classics used to say. The season has devoured, one after the other, much of the evidence of the calendar and the continental Polartec-Kometa, in its first year of life, has stood before the third of its three major challenges of…

News · 11 August, 2018

Good race of Polartec-Kometa in Burgos

40ª Vuelta Ciclista a Burgos Stage 5: Salas de los Infantes-Lagunas de Neila (141 km) The first presence of the continental Polartec-Kometa in the Burgos Cycling Tour concluded with a great final balance led by a great group performance, with an active presence in the race and the finishing touch of Matteo Moschetti’s victory in…

News · 10 August, 2018

Polartec-Kometa’s hopes for the Clunia finish in a bitter crash

40ª Vuelta Ciclista a Burgos Stage 4: San Pedro Cardeña Monastery – Clunia (165 km) The Vuelta a Burgos completed its fourth stage with victory for Carlos Barbero (Movistar) from Burgos and some bitterness in the heart of the Polartec-Kometa due to a fall within the last kilometre that caused not sprint for Matteo Moschetti,…

News · 9 August, 2018

Good joob by Juan Pedro López in the demanding Picón Blanco

40ª Vuelta Ciclista a Burgos Stage 3: Sedano-Picón Blanco (149 km) The Spaniard Juan Pedro López finished 25th in the toughest stage of the Vuelta a Burgos, with the end at the summit of the Picón Blanco, a fundamental stage for the resolution of the general classification of the Burgos round in which the Colombian…

News · 8 August, 2018

Sensational victory for Matteo Moschetti in the second stage of the Tour of Burgos

40th Vuelta Ciclista a Burgos Stage 2: Belorado-Castrojeriz (163 km) The Italian Matteo Moschetti signed the ninth victory of the continental Polartec-Kometa this season, the eighth with the signature of the Milanese rider, by winning the sprint of the second stage of the Tour of Burgos, with the end in the town of Castrojeriz. Moschetti,…

News · 7 August, 2018

Diego Pablo Sevilla, the most combative of the first stage in Burgos

40th Burgos Cycling Tour Stage 1: Burgos-Burgos (157 km) It started a new edition of the Vuelta a Burgos and did it with a podium for the continental Polartec-Kometa. The Madrid-born Diego Pablo Sevilla was designated as the most combative of this first stage in which the victory, in the demanding arrival at the castle…

News · 6 August, 2018

Daniel Viegas will join the continental Polartec-Kometa in 2019

Portugal’s Daniel Viegas (Faro, 5 January 1998) will defend the colours of Polartec-Kometa for the coming season. The Algarve rider, who has completed his second season at the Alberto Contador Foundation’s U23 team in 2018, becomes the first reinforcement of the Madrid team for his second season in the continental category. A promotion that rewards…

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