News · 5 March, 2018

Matteo Mosquetti scored the third of the year at the Rhodes Grand Prix

Matteo Mosquetti returned to lead the Continental Polartec-Kometa in his third victory of the year, at the Grand Prix of Rhodes (Greece), an island where the team will remain until the weekend to ride the Tour of the same name. The race did not start well for Polartec-Kometa, as it had to start with only…

News · 25 February, 2018

Moschetti repeated victory and Habtom culminated the race in the third place of the podium

Matteo Moschetti confirmed the jump of quality that seems to be leading at this beginning of the year with his second win of the week, bidding farewell to the Tour of Antalya, where the other great star of Polartec-Kometa has been Awet Habtom, who has finished his first race of the year with a third…

News · 22 February, 2018

Moschetti got in Turkey the first victory of the Polartec-Kometa Continental Team

Matteo Mosquetti, the most experienced sprinter of the Continental Polartec-Kometa, achieved today in the inaugural stage of the Tour of Antalya (Turkey) the first victory for the new professional team of the Alberto Contador Foundation, which is also the first for his record in the category. Matteo got a triumph marked by difficulties, as the…

News · 14 February, 2018

Solid debut of Polartec-Kometa at Vuelta a Valencia and Tour de La Provence

The Polartec-Kometa Continental Team has led a solid debut in the professional category after completing its first two stages tours, Valencia and La Provence. In both races, the still very young professionals of Jesús Hernández and Dario Andriotto have exceeded expectations and achieved very promising results. In Valencia, in front of 11 ProTour and other…

News · 5 February, 2018

Polartec-Kometa 2018, three teams for the dream of the Alberto Contador Foundation

The Alberto Contador Foundation presented today in Pinto (Madrid) its fifth cyclist project with three teams under the same name, Polartec-Kometa, name shared by the Continental, U23 and Junior teams, whith a total of 38 cyclists. Alberto Contador also adds this year a friend and former teammate, Ivan Basso, at the head of the professional…

News · 30 January, 2018

The Polartec-Kometa, ready to its debut in the Vuelta a Valencia

Tomorrow, in the Vuelta a la Comunidad Valenciana, will be the first day of competition of the Polartec-Kometa Continental Team, which will take the start of the first stage in Oropesa del Mar towards a probable sprint in Peñíscola, after 191 kilometers of route. The second stage can also be solved at the sprint, although…

News · 27 January, 2018

Polartec-Kometa official presentation on Monday, February 5, in Pinto

The Alberto Contador Foundation will present on Monday, February 5, its cycling teams of the 2018 season, led for the first time in its history by a professional team, the Polartec-Kometa Continental. In 2018, the jersey of all teams of the Contador Foundation (Continental, Under 23 and Junior) will be chaired by the same main…

News · 23 January, 2018

The Polartec-Kometa Team and Alberto Contador train from today in Mar de Pulpí

The Polartec-Cometa Continental, the new professional team of Alberto Contador Foundation, trains from today until its debut in the Vuelta a Valencia in Mar de Pulpí, the tourist resort of Almería where its riders will spend a week of intense work, accompanied on this occasion by Alberto Contador, who today wanted to also premiere the…

News · 22 December, 2017

The Polartec-Kometa put on underway in Mar de Pulpí

The Polartec-Kometa U23 and Continental teams started up in Mar de Pulpí (Almería) during the last week, during a training camp developed from 11 to 20 of this month of December and in which the master lines of the 2018 season were drawn. Jesús Hernández and Dario Andriotto, as sport directors of the Continental Polartec-Kometa,…

News · 28 November, 2017

Alberto Contador attended today to the ‘Sport Breakfasts of Europa Press’

Alberto Contador, the only Spanish cyclist with the big three (Tour, Vuelta and Giro) in his record and recently retired after 15 years as a professional, today attended the ‘Europa Press Sports Breakfasts’, where he pointed out that he is “exciting and I’m proud of the fact that many fans cried on the day of…

News · 23 November, 2017

Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso ‘passed the fire’ to his pupils of Polartec-Kometa

Invited by Polartec, Alberto Contador and Ivan Basso ‘passed the fire’ of cycling to their young pupils in a fantastic building camp developed in Tucson (Arizona, USA) last week. Gary Smith, CEO of Polartec, was the host of this first contact that was attended by all the staff of the Contador Foundation and a large…

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