News · 17 June, 2022

An extraterrestrial called Tadej, a brilliant Albanese

When Pogacar got to the front, opened the throttle and decided to get his hands on the stage, there was nothing left for the others to do. And indeed, Pogacar took the stage and the overall leader’s jersey by sprinting up the last climb. Behind him, however, things happened. The first: Lorenzo Fortunato has a…

News · 16 June, 2022

Albanese, once again in front

Another sprint, with our Vincenzo Albanese trying to show up in front of everyone looking for the honor of an important placing after yesterday’s fourth place. And a seventh place came, after a good work of the whole EOLO-KOMETA to recover the breakaway of the day. “Today was good,” says Albanese, “even if I got…

News · 15 June, 2022

The big ones. And then the EOLO-KOMETA.

Beautiful to watch, beautiful to follow, beautiful to race. This Tour of Slovenia looks like this: beautiful. And you knew that, given the names at the start of this race, it would be difficult to fight for a victory (but we’ll try, always): and indeed, when the big boys started to put on a show…

News · 13 June, 2022

Slovenia, land of climbers

Tour of Slovenia (2.1) 15th to 19th June Stage 1: Nova Gorica-Postojna (164’7 km) Stage 2: Ptuj-Rogaška Slatina (174.1 km) Stage 3: Žalec-Celje (144’6 km) Stage 4: Laško-Velika planina (152’5 km) Stage 5: Vrhnika-Novo mesto (156’1 km) In the land of Primoz Roglic and Tadej Pogacar, the EOLO Kometa also wants to do its best…

News · 8 June, 2022

” This is how you learn to race in front.”

This edition of the Adriatica Ionica Race also bids us farewell: a year ago we had celebrated with Fortunato, this year Bardiani smiles with Filippo Zana conquering the general classification. Today’s last stage saw a lot of EOLO-KOMETA on the attack, starring with as many as three riders in the day’s breakaway that made it…

News · 7 June, 2022

Zanatta: “I liked the team today.”

Words, before images. Words, instead of dry reporting. Words, those of Stefano Zanatta. Sports Director, man in the race. “I cannot say anything to the boys today: they did well. Unfortunately, bad luck in this Adriatica Ionica Race doesn’t want to give us a break, and even today it hit us with the fall of…

News · 6 June, 2022

Great to see Fancellu back there at the front

Here is one of the beautiful images we will take home from this ill-fated Adriatica Ionica Race, which began with the desire to replicate the victory of a year ago with Fortunato and foundered in the first stage with the crash that put Lorenzo out of the running. The image of Alessandro Fancellu, rediscovered and…

News · 5 June, 2022

Fortunato tries, but the pain is too great.

There, on the same peak of Mount Grappa where he had triumphed a year ago. There, where history tells of battles and wars of the past. There, where the second stage of the Adriatica Ionica Race was run today: Fortunato was expected and had the favor of prediction, but Saturday’s ruinous fall (grazes, lots of…

News · 4 June, 2022

A crash denies Fortunato of fighting for Adriatica Ionica

Adriática Iónica (2.1) Stage 1: Tarvisio-Monfalcone (193’9km) A fall in the final part of the stage ruined all the work of EOLO Kometa, trying to protect Lorenzo Fortunato who was riding in the select leading group with Diego Pablo Sevilla and Marton Dina. It was a stage to pass, to try to avoid problems, but…

News · 3 June, 2022

Five stages between the Adriatic and the Ionian to win again

Adriática Iónica (2.1) 4th to 8th June Stage 1: Tarvisio-Monfalcone (193’9km) Stage 2: Castelfranco Veneto-Monte Grappa (157’8km) Stage 3: Ferrara-Brisighella (141’3km) Stage 4: Fano-Riviera del Conero (164’5km) Stage 5: Castelraimondo-Ascoli Piceno (152’3km) The list of winners of a race always says the truth. And in 2021, the name of Lorenzo Fortunato shines brightly as the…

News · 2 June, 2022

Learning in Appenninos

Giro dell’Appennino (1.1) 2nd june: Pasturana – Genove (191’7km) There was not much to tell in the classic that opens June. In a test that had a leak, an end to the attack and less prominence of the EOLO Kometa than we would have liked. Just one day off and already looking for the Adriatic-Ionic,…

News · 31 May, 2022

The Apennines as a tribute to the Giro d’Italia

Giro dell’Appennino (1.1) 2nd juny: Pasturana – Génove (191’7km) Even with all senses enraptured by the great performance of EOLO Kometa in the Giro d’Italia, the competition continues but does not leave the country. The Giro dell’Appennino will be held this Thursday between Pasturana and Genova with five climbs of great difficulty and special mention…

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