News · 14 July, 2021

Luca Wackermann’s flight and Alejandro Ropero’s fight are staged in Sardinia

I Settimana Ciclistica Italiana – Sulle strade della Sardegna Stage 1: Alghero – Sassari (155,8 km) A beautiful land, with that constant contrast between the blue of the sea and the green of the wild countryside that characterises its interior. That was how Sardinia welcomed the peloton on the first stage of the Settimana Ciclistica…

News · 8 July, 2021

A new stage race to continue displaying the combative spirit of a project on the asphalt

I Settimana Ciclistica Italiana – Sulle strade della Sardegna From 14th to 18th July A new race on the calendar and again with the GS Emillia label, a team that is consolidating, with an interesting portfolio of races managed on Italian soil, as one of the major organisers on the world stage. ASO, RCS, Unipublic…

News · 4 July, 2021

Arturo Grávalos, the most combative under the deluge

35º Giro del Medio Brenta Villa del Conte – Gállio (171,6 km) A peculiar, complicated day. It started with 30° and ended with 15°, it started with the hopes of a good result and ended with our Gravalos awarded as the most combative of the race. That’s how the 35th Giro del Medio Brenta went…

News · 30 June, 2021

Next stop: the Giro del Medio Brenta and its complicated route through the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni

35º Giro del Medio Brenta Villa del Conte – Gállio (171,6 km) Tour de France days. The Grande Boucle is all-consuming in terms of media coverage. But there is competitive life beyond the French race and the next sporting commitment of the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team is an unbeatable example. This Sunday a new edition of…

News · 27 June, 2021

Sergio García fights on the climbs of the GP Lugano: the KOM classification is his

GP Città di Lugano Lugano – Lugano (179,2 km; 8 x22,4) It wasn’t a trivial race, it wasn’t an easy race, it wasn’t a race for everyone. The climbs that surround the city of Lugano, a jewel nestled between the mountains of Switzerland that are reflected in its lake, have made the 74th edition of…

News · 24 June, 2021

Alejandro Ropero achieves his first top ten of the season in a very tough edition of the Giro dell’Appennino

82º Giro dell’Appennino Pasturana – Genova (192,1 km) The Spaniard from Granada, Alejandro Ropero, put in a great performance this Thursday in an edition of the Giro dell’Appenino in which the Belgian Ben Hermans won alone and in which Ropero finished in ninth position. His first top ten of the season comes in a race…

News · 23 June, 2021

The Giro dell’Appennino squad unleashes its pedal stroke on the Lugano circuit

GP Città di Lugano Lugano – Lugano (179,2 km; 8 x22,4) Cycling is a sport rich in magical places, mystical enclaves, epoeyes and traditions that are recurrently recalled and others that are evoked from time to time. An amalgam of climbs and slopes, of etymologies and toponyms, of human beings and bicycles. And this absolute…

News · 21 June, 2021

A historical race to measure the good moment of the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team

82nd Giro dell’Appennino Pasturana – Genova (192,1 km) After the success, huge success, in the Adriatica Ionica Race, turn for one of the most historical races of the European calendar. It is the turn of the Giro dell’Appennino. The race, organised by the U.S. Pontedecimo Ciclismo, always presents an interesting line-up of participants and offers…

News · 20 June, 2021

Intense team work in a very demanding and extremely hot Italian Nationals

Campionato Italiano 2021 Bellaria Igena Marina – Imola (225,9 km) Very high temperatures, with moments above 39 degrees, and a circuit through the hills near Imola marked the development of a road race of the Italian Cycling Championships in which the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team had a very remarkable first part of the race, keeping a…

News · 20 June, 2021

“The route was quite complicated and the last climb to Turrón Duro was quite demanding”

Spanish Cycling Championship 2021 Route men La Nucía – La Nucía (183,4 km) The geography of Alicante never disappoints when it comes to looking for toughness and the road race of the Spanish Championships, held this Sunday, proved it once again. In just 190 km, more than 4,600 metres of accumulated height gain. A lot…

News · 18 June, 2021

Impressive Samuele Rivi: sixth place in the time trial of the Italian Championships

Italian Cycling Championships Faenza – Faenza (45,7 km ITT) Mattia Frapporti, Samuele Rivi and Davide Bais were the three EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team riders who competed this Friday in the time trial of the Italian National Cycling Championships, held on a 45.7 kilometres course with start and finish in Faenza and a participation of 25 riders….

News · 17 June, 2021

Adriatica Ionica Storica: Fortunato signs the first overall for EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team

III Adriatica Ionica Race Stage 3: Ferrara – Comacchio (157,5 km) Lorenzo Fortunato was proclaimed final winner of the third edition of the Adriatica Ionica Race this Thursday after managing, perfectly assisted by his teammates, a complicated last stage, the one with three sections of sterrato that had to be passed twice each, in which…

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