On snow day, Manuel Belletti… breaks the ice

News · 11 April, 2021

56th Presidential Tour of Turkey
Etapa 1: Konya-Konya (72,6 km)

First of all, the snow won. It came down unexpectedly with a blow of winter’s tail, and was able to revolutionize the plans for the first stage of the Tour of Turkey. It was supposed to be a longer and harder stage, but in the end the organization was forced to shorten the distance, which thus became 72 kilometers, making the day an appointment for sprinters.

And in fact, the sprint was. After an escape of two runners controlled without too many problems by the group, it came down to the sprint for the victory with the photofinish triumph of Arvid de Klejin, with our Manuel Belletti – back to racing after the fall at the Tirreno-Adriatico – who placed eigth.

Today we’re back in the race with the second stage, 144.9 km from Konya to Konya.

Manuel Belletti: “Very short stage and therefore very, very nervous. Unfortunately, I arrived at the final sprint when I had already done two others before to be able to rejoin the first ones and recover from some unfortunate situations. Three kilometers from the end I was on the wheel of a rider of Team Israel, a tube burst and went out to the outside and I was forced to follow him. Then, on the last bend, I was well placed but the guys in front skidded and I had to slow down, and the sprint had started and I had no more. But I’m confident for the longer stages when you arrive that everyone is more tired and there is less nervousness: for me it’s definitely better. The team helped me, and we broke the ice”.

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