49º Bidasoa Itzulia / Vuelta al Bidasoa
Stage 2: Hendaya – Bagordi (129,1 km)

If in the previous stage the breakaway dominated a good part of the day, this Friday, in the second stage of the Bidasoa Itzulia, the race remained very controlled throughout the day. In the queen stage, the one with the beautiful landscapes in the Baztan Valley, control, multiple markings and tension. In the end, in a very hard final ascent to the Bagordi recreational area that started with twenty riders together, the partial victory went to Hugo Aznar (Finisher), while Arnau Gilabert, in the fight, finished fourteenth at 36″. Marc Cabedo (Telco’m) is the new race leader.

A second stage of very lively pace (so much that the peloton at some point was cut), of many attempts of escape and of many strategic sketches with the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team looking for its share of protagonism. Sebastiano Minoia made his move at a time when the race was heading for the first pass over the tough Bagordi with three riders at that point ahead with a minute’s lead.

Arnau Gilabert, who went on the attack one kilometre from the top of the first Bagordi pass, faced the next climb, Otsondo, with a small gap with Jeremie La Grenade (Aix), Unax Iztueta (Baqué) and Samuel Fernández and Jaume Guardeño (Caja Rural). From this group Fernandez would jump, who managed to sustain his solo attempt until the base of a final climb where Ramon Fernández was one of those who unleashed the hostilities.

The final stage of the Bidasoa Itzulia, with many riders very close to each other in the classification, guarantees strong emotions and a great spectacle with a very interesting orographic menu in a few kilometres. It will be an exercise in strength, effort, insistence and fatigue management with less margin, given the mileage, for the collective. Asturian Pablo Uría, who withdrew during the second stage, will not be taking part in the final day.

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