Only the train stops Fancellu, David Martin 10th in the sprint

News · 13 May, 2022

Tour de Hongrie (2.1)
Stage 3: Sarospatak – Nyiregyhaza (154 km)

The rain came, but EOLO Kometa did not stick to their plan to be part of the breakaway, with Alessandro Fancellu active in the first kilometres to filter into a five-rider group and make his way through. The raindrops were falling, the time was passing, but the main group barely allowed the breakaway to exceed a two-minute lead. The anecdotal moment of the day came with 76 kilometres to go, with a level crossing that halted the progress of Fanceullu’s group and the peloton for a few minutes, although it did not affect the outcome of the race.

Always around the one minute gap, without any options but satisfied to be able to have their share of the limelight, the relays at the head of the race were maintained until the last 15 kilometres, with rain still falling on the race, when this attempt came to an end. In the final sprint, David Martín looked for his chance to be 10th and continue to gain experience in this type of finishes.

Alessandro Fancellu: “Today the sport directors asked us to be in the breakaway, Hungary is an important race and we had to be there. Diego Pablo and I were in the attempts, finally it was my turn and we made a group that allowed us to be protagonists. And then in the sprint David Martin did well, he managed to be in front with a high level of sprinters. In the remaining stages, tomorrow we will have another sprint and on Sunday on the climb Mark Christian will surely be with the best riders”.

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