“In the end you have a string of bad races and your head explodes. You can’t stop thinking about things, without finding a reason. Family and friends are the first to encourage you, and your team mates don’t stop supporting you. They tell you that it’s not normal, that you should be further ahead because of your legs and your experience”. Pablo Uría speaks. The Asturian is facing the future with more optimism after a bad sporting streak that, in moments of sadness and disappointment, has led him to consider giving up cycling competition.

The cyclist from Gijón has not been able to perform in the first half of the year, with a string of withdrawals in most of his calendar. Finally, for his peace of mind, the explanation has arrived: tests have revealed that he has been suffering from mononucleosis for the last few months. The latest tests, this week, confirm that he is now much more recovered from the viral point of view and he is confident that he will be able to return to training quickly in the coming days.

“It hasn’t been an easy few weeks. On the bike, training, I didn’t feel bad. It’s not that I was fine, like in other years, but the sensations were bad. And it was in the race that I felt worse. I couldn’t find the rhythm at any time. I tried to lend a hand to my team-mates but I couldn’t contribute much. And in the end I was blocked. The whole team has always been very close to me, giving me peace of mind, knowing that this was not my level and that that’s the way it goes”.

The season remains and Pablo, a podium finisher in the Memorial Valenciaga a couple of seasons ago, is confident that he will be able to show his greater experience and his climbing skills on the road. “Now comes the season of the laps and we have to work very hard to show that these two months are behind us”.

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