Return to the Vuelta a Burgos with a lot of motivation and the good memory of Matteo Moschetti

News · 11 August, 2019

41ª Vuelta Ciclista a Burgos
From 13 to 17 August

Abstracting oneself from the emotional importance of the Vuelta a Burgos for the spirit of the Alberto Contador Foundation’s continental sports project is impossible. The joys of the celebration are still fresh. In the previous stage, race circumstances, the last one ended. In Castrojeriz, appearing on the right side, with hardly any space with respect to the fences, emerged to conquer a great victory for a newborn project. Matteo Moschetti, the Italian sprinter who jumped this season to the WorldTour by the hand of Trek-Segafredo, signed that unforgettable success that reinforces the commitment of the Kometa Cycling Team to stand out in the roads of Burgos.

It is not just any race and its route presents a great difficulty, especially due to the fact that there are two arrivals. Again without a time trial, the high finals of Picón Blanco, in Espinosa de los Monteros, and in Las Lagunas de Neila, where the race will finish again, will be the key days. But the arrival at the Mirador del Castillo de Burgos and the finish line in the Roman City of Clunia, both on a slope, can also bite a few seconds difference. And always, the background of the tourist promotion, of the publicity of the patrimony and the picturesque thing, of the geography and of its rural world. The Vuelta a Burgos, a reference in combining sport and tourism.

The Hungarian Márton Dina, second in the last edition of the Vuelta a Hungría, will face his second race in Spain, the first one in stages, with a lot of desire to see himself competing in ascents of that category. Along with Dina, a very complete team, with great sacrifice capacity, composed by Juan Camacho, Antonio Puppio, Daniel Viegas, Diego Pablo Sevilla, Isaac Cantón and José Antonio García. The coincidence of dates with the Tour del Porvenir has meant that some riders, such as the Italian Stefano Oldani or the Luxembourger Michel Ries, have been claimed by their respective national teams to compete in France.

“I face this Vuelta a Burgos with a lot of desire. It’s going to be the great race I’ve done so far, so it becomes my second “big goal” of the season after the Vuelta a Hungría”, says Márton Dina. “It’s a prestigious race, a classic summer event. In addition four WorldTour formations will take part, which will make it harder. The third and fifth stages, the finals in Picón Blanco and the Lagunas de Neila will be the ones that decide the general one. For me the big question is going to be the altitude. Those finals are higher than my training habits. I can’t reach those 1,500 or 1,800 metres in Hungary. I’m confident that the five days I’m at 2,000 metres will come in handy, one week before the race, on the occasion of the Val di Sole Mountain Bike World Cup [August 2-4]. I think they will help me feel better. I want to show my best performance in Burgos”.

“It’s a race with a great participation and a very hard course, I’m really looking forward to racing there. The finals in the Picón and in the lagoons are very difficult climbs and we will try to do our best”, concludes Isaac Cantón.

The stages.
13 August: Burgos – Burgos / Mirador del Castillo (161 km).
14th August: Gumiel de Izán – Lerma (154 km).
15 August: Sargentes de la Lora/ Museo del Petrólego – Picón Blanco (153 km).
16 August: Atapuerca – Roman City of Clunia (174 km).
17 August: Santo Domingo de Silos – Lagunas de Neila (146 km).

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