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Bálint Feldhoffer


The collaboration between the Contador Foundation and the Hungarian Cycling Federation through the fundamental support of Kometa has been developing smoothly and steadily in recent seasons, but last season this line of work went a step further with the incorporation of two of the most promising talents of the Magyar country. Bálint was one of them and during the first pre-season training camp he already showed good signs of his potential. His cycling origins are linked to the world of mountain biking, a sport in which he has also achieved good results in his country. “My father cycled as a hobby and for me and my brother it was a way to start discovering the sport. We were good at it from an early age and even managed to get some podium finishes in cycling academies competitions,” he says. The favourite races of the cyclist from Budaörs, a town in the Budapest metropolitan area, are the three-week grand tours. “Without distinction, the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España are the races I like the most,” he says. Feldhoffer has a special admiration for his compatriot Attila Valter, with whom he had a curious relationship: Tibor, Attila’s father, was his coach as a mountain biker for several years.


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