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Mario Gómez


A great lover of sport, practising several disciplines in previous years and especially football, Cantabrian Mario Gómez began to focus on cycling in the pre-cadet category. “My arrival in cycling was a bit of a coincidence. At home, what has been most important, in terms of tradition, has been football. I love football. I have played for many years. One day, a neighbour who was a member of the Peña Ciclista Sprint told me that I had to ride with them one day. Half jokingly, half seriously, the truth is that one day I ended up going out on the road. And I was fascinated by the experience”, he recalls. He commented on a life cycle in which football and cycling coexisted. “In the end I had it a bit more focused on the time of year: in winter, more football. When the end of spring and summer came, more cycling.  And that’s how I stayed until about three years ago, when I focused more on cycling,” he explains. Ball, bike… and paddles too: for a while Mario even competed in table tennis. “For a couple of years I played football and table tennis at the same time. But my parents told me that it was too much… I couldn’t put a filter on it, I love sport, but it’s true that there’s not enough time for everything”, he jokes. Mario Gómez considers himself a climber. Or at least he enjoys the road looking up at the sky: “Somehow it’s as if you disconnect from your day-to-day life while you focus more on what you have around you and you can enjoy it in a different way. I really like that feeling”. The Cantabrian is currently studying the first year of his baccalaureate in science. “I have to see what to do in the future, whether it will be a degree or a higher degree, although what I do know for sure is that it will be something related to the world of computers,” he concludes.


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