EOLO KOMETA cycling team and ŠKODA will continue to work together for two more seasons thanks to the agreement reached, which will allow the team to compete in major international races with a plug-in hybrid version of the “cycling car” for greater commitment to the environment.

The Alberto Contador Foundation and ŠKODA have now completed 6 years of successful collaboration that have allowed all the structures, from junior to the professional team, to enjoy the excellence of vehicles created to accompany the long journeys, competitions and demands during the race, as well as the transport of the AURUM bicycles with which the EOLO KOMETA competes.

A total of nine ŠKODA SUPERB and OCTAVIA models provide travel and assistance to the cyclists of the three Contador Foundation teams. Currently, five ŠKODA SUPERBs are assigned to the professional team, and four ŠKODA OCTAVIAs to the youth and under-23 structures. As a further sign of the joint commitment to the environment, all vehicles are plug-in hybrids, reducing fuel consumption and emissions during races, where the average speed is between 40 and 50 kilometres per hour for most of the course.

On average, EOLO KOMETA’s ŠKODA vehicles have travelled more than 65,000 kilometres in 2022 for the professional team and more than 30,000 kilometres in the youth and under-23 blocks. The total sum exceeds 450,000 kilometres in which the comfort, safety systems and driving assistance or the spacious boot of these cars make them the favourite for any lover of cycling and all the components of the Alberto Contador Foundation.

Miguel Piwko, ŠKODA marketing director: “We have supported EOLO KOMETA since its inception, we have been part of the team’s progression over the last few seasons and we want to continue accompanying them for the next two years. Effort, the ability to excel and teamwork are the hallmarks of this team, as they are of ŠKODA, a brand passionate about cycling since its birth as a bicycle brand more than 125 years ago. Working with EOLO KOMETA allows us to strengthen our presence in professional cycling, where we are a brand of reference, the real car of cycling”.

Jesús Hernández, sport director of EOLO KOMETA: “The renewal is fantastic news. During the season we have to drive many hours and many kilometres, especially during the race with extreme conditions, both weather and asphalt. Dangerous, stressful situations, in which ŠKODA’s adaptability and reliability become our best ally. They are big cars, so we can transport all the material comfortably, as well as the staff. The driving is fantastic and I feel very confident because the vehicles respond well to any circumstances. It’s one of the best news for us”.

Fran Contador, general manager of EOLO KOMETA: “We are very happy to be able to continue this relationship. In a cycling team, having the right vehicles such as ŠKODA is fundamental. The relationship goes beyond sponsorship and we also work on their Corporate Social Responsibility with actions such as Bikes for Life by Škoda. We close the circle thanks to an agreement that makes much more sense. It goes beyond visibility and helps us all grow”.

Maurizio Borserini

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