Stefano Zanatta: “The spirit is the same as last year”

News · 18 May, 2022

Half the Giro d’Italia is behind us, and we can also take advantage of today’s stage (lots of wind, lots of nervousness, final sprint won by Dainese) to take stock of what it has been so far and what it could be starting tomorrow.

A Giro raced with its head held high, always trying to show up but at the same time always trying to chase victory. The placings of Albanese, the escapes of Rosa and his blue jersey, the desire to race to be found by the fans. And a balance, at this point of the Giro, we can only do it with ds Stefano Zanatta: yes, there is no better person.

Our Giro starts tomorrow,” says Stefano, joking but not too much, “because so far we have been rehearsing: and, the rehearsals, they have definitely gone well.

Let’s hear why. “Because the spirit is the same as last year, and this was not a given, and I’m pleased with it. The team is showing that it can move well to be able to get good results: the placings of Albanese in Potenza and especially yesterday are there to prove it.”

And then, Rosa’s blue jersey… “That we will try to keep until the end, we will defend it tooth and nail: whoever wants to take it, will have to sweat for it.”

And the goal, it is known, is one. “To win a stage, and there are all the conditions to achieve it: eight riders who are well, the right terrain, and above all a lot of desire.”

📷 Maurizio Borserini, Sprint Cycling

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