The real-time glucose monitoring tool used by the EOLO KOMETA cyclists will continue to improve their preparation for the most important events of the season, such as the Giro d’Italia. Supersapiens, a technological revolution applied to sports performance and recovery, is confident in the progress of a team with which it shares its vision and values.

Cycling is a sport of great effort, long stages and long journeys. In which not only the strongest wins, but also the rider who is able to recover the best. To face the next objective with the necessary energy and prepared muscles. This is where Supersapiens offers its unique glucose monitoring system. With the slogan “Feel Better, Recover Faster and Perform Stronger”, they guide and help the athlete to get the most out of their own body, their own energy.

Supersapiens consists of a biosensor and an applicator, which is placed on the back of the upper arm without causing any pain. A very thin filament is inserted just under the skin to detect glucose. This tool allows the glucose value to be read remotely or from the cyclocomputers themselves. A patch covers the place where the device is placed to avoid knock it off. Once installed, it is possible to connect it to the Supersapiens app using Bluetooth connection and start monitoring the glucose value. The biosensor provide accurate glucose readings for up to 14 days and is waterproof.

The Supersapiens system allows you to visualise your glucose, learn how to keep it stable and avoid episodes of fatigue, loss of concentration or bonks. Lack of energy is a thing of the past! The application allows you to know if your carbohydrate load is correct, and when to take another energy load. Glucose should be between 70 and 140, so the control and monitoring allows you to meet this ideal. The value displayed by the app indicates whether the current eating plan is adequate or can be improved to achieve better sports performance and recovery.

During the training camps at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel it has been of fundamental importance to try to improve the preparation of the season full of important objectives. From the Supersapiens platform, the time and order of food intake is monitored, knowing the importance and the effect on glucose peaks, always in the search to help the cyclist’s routine.

Carlos Barredo, head of the EOLO KOMETA trainers’ area: “For the team’s performance and medical area it is a pleasure to be able to continue using Supersapiens, as it is an extremely useful system that allows us to know which metabolic pathways cyclists use during their effort. This means, where they extract the energy they need to perform at their best. Supersapiens also allows us to carry out didactic work with cyclists, to teach them how correct nutrition, both in terms of content and the moment of ingesting certain foods, has an impact on glucose peaks. And that these should be progressive in order to achieve better performance”.

Carlos Barredo himself explains in this video how Supersapiens works, all the learning and information obtained thanks to this technology and its application in the EOLO KOMETA performance area.

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