The Polartec-Kometa junior and U-23 teams that will run in the 2018 season have just been completed. The Alberto Contador Foundation will have 12 junior and 14 U-23 riders next year, with another 12 cyclists coming soon in the new Continental team. Félix García Casas, head of sports at the Contador Foundation, said that this year “the junior team has been completely renovated, all of which have been selected in the Campus recently held in Zaragoza.”

After having past four riders to the U-23 team (Carlos García, Hugo Sampedro, Joan Martí Bennassar and Sergio García), “we wanted to form a team well-compensated, adapted to the schedule and with a sports and human profile very promising”, says Garcia Casas. “We have not been able to sign all those who fulfilled the requirements in the Zaragoza’s Camp because we will have only 12 riders, with the idea of accommodating also the exchanges that we want to carry out with other formations from France, Belgium and Italy along the whole season”.

The same objective of internationalizing the project of Alberto Contador Foundation has guided the formation of the Under 23 team, in which 7 riders continue, 4 pass to professionals with the Continental Polartec-Kometa Team (Juan Camacho, Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, Isaac Cantón and Diego Pablo Sevilla) and others change airs, like Joan Bou (Vini Fantini) or Fran Perez (Gomur).

“As in the case of the juniors, the objective has been to rejuvenate the squad, in which there will be 5 riders of first year, 3 of second and other 3 of third and fourth year, that will have the maximum responsibility for their experience”, explains Félix García Casas. “Our aspiration is to be able to offer to these riders a suitable schedule to complete their training before making the jump to professionals, if possible in our Continental team. Everyone knows it is a difficult challenge, but they are more motivated than ever”.

Polartec-Kometa Junior Team

Luis Miguel Mendoza, Javier Serrano y Miguel Patiño (Madrid); Alex Martín, Joan Marc Campos y Juan José Rosal (Cataluña); Manuel Garrido, Carlos Rodríguez y Manuel Jesús Carrellán (Andalucía); Iván Oliver (Murcia), Alejandro Piquero (Segovia) y Daniel Lopes (Portugal).

Sport director: Guillermo Gutiérrez Polartec-Kometa Under 23 Team

Continue: Tomeu Gelabert, Alejandro Ropero, Jorge Pastor, Daniel Viegas (Portugal), Sergio Hernández, Juan Pedro López y Daniele Cantoni (Italia).

Arrive: Hugo Sampedro, Sergio García, Joan Martí Bennassar y Carlos García (Polartec junior); José Antonio García (Gomur), Alejandro Regueiro (Súper Froiz) y Wesley Mol (Holanda).

Leave: Juan Camacho, Diego Pablo Sevilla, Isaac Cantón y Miguel Ángel Ballesteros (Polartec- Kometa Continental); Joan Bou (Nippo-Vini Fantini), Fran Pérez (Gomur), Iker Eskibel y Harrison Jones.

Sport director: Rafael Díaz Justo

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